Medtronic has announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a new clinician programmer for use with the SynchroMed(TM)II Intrathecal Drug Delivery system, an implantable pump that provides targeted drug delivery for chronic pain and severe spasticity. The SynchroMed II pump delivers medication directly to the fluid around the spinal cord, which provides relief at lower doses compared to oral medications in appropriate patients with chronic pain1 or severe spasticity.2 The new SynchroMedII clinician programr was designed to simplify therapy management by providing clinicians with visual tools and intuitive workflows and will soon be available in the U.S.

"With the ongoing opioid crisis, the ability to reduce the use of systemic opioids and effectively manage my patients' pain with the SynchroMed II pump system is more important than ever," said Joshua Wellington, M.D., Indiana University Health. "The new SynchroMed II clinician programr helps simplify therapy management, enabling me to focus on providing my patients with pain relief through intrathecal delivery of medications so that systemic opioids are reduced or eliminated entirely."

The SynchroMed II clinician programr is an application that runs on a tablet that includes a vibrant screen display and simple, guided workflows. The programr features visual enhancements such as side-by-side comparison of therapy changes and flex dosing graphics. The clinician programr communicates wirelessly to the SynchroMed II pump and auto-calculations help ensure accuracy and improve programming confidence. Medtronic also recently secured FDA approval and implemented four design changes to improve the design and performance of the SynchroMed II Pump.

"Our new clinician programr follows a series of recent SynchroMed II Pump design changes and was developed with patient safety in mind; our goal was to make it intuitive and simple for clinicians to confidently tailor treatments to best meet patients' needs," said Charlie Covert, vice president and general manager, Targeted Drug Delivery, Medtronic Pain Therapies. "The ability to assist with decreasing the need for systemic opioids is critical, and Medtronic is committed to improving the lives of patients with chronic pain and severe spasticity through continuous innovation and therapy advancements."

Targeted Drug Delivery, An Alternative to Oral Opioids

Systemic opioid abuse is a significant issue. Targeted drug delivery will help allow for systemic opioid reduction or elimination and may be considered as an alternative to oral treatment for chronic pain.3 Intrathecal drug delivery has been demonstrated to provide long-term pain reduction. - Medical Buyer Bureau 

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