Yashoda Hospitals Group, Hyderabad, has procured the state-of-the-art and most advanced 3T intra-operative MRI that improves brain tumor therapy and successfully performed 150 brain tumor surgeries with greater accuracy, safety, and averting the need for further surgeries to the patients. The hospital group already has 1.5T intra-operative MRI on par with hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi and NIMHANS at Bengaluru and is the first in the country to have procured the technically advanced 3T intra-operative MRI. The iMRI greatly benefits patients with brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, pituitary tumors, pediatric brain tumors, epilepsy surgery, and deep brain simulation.

The real-time imaging helps the patients as they need not undergo multiple operations and treatments to control if the tumor was not completely removed. Traditionally the patient undergoes MRI scan before surgery and surgery was performed based on the images and post-operative MRI was done the next day. If found incomplete, the patient requires a repeat surgery. In contrast, the MRI scan was done with iMRI during the surgery and any leftovers were removed before closure of the surgery. Brain tumors affect people of all ages, backgrounds and nearly 1000 per crore populations in India suffered from brain tumors and brain diseases, causing brain damage, personality changes, and seizures. – The Hindu

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