“The budget provides rightly provides a focus on Agriculture, Healthcare & Education. The big move towards the path of Universal Healthcare Coverage under the flagship National Health Protection scheme which will bring 50 crore citizens with Rs 5 lac/family for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization is transformational for the country. The question to answer is how will the scheme be funded and executed given the fact that health is also a state subject. This move coupled with the announcement of 24 additional govt medical colleges and hospitals gives healthcare the centre stage in this budget. In addition the increase in tax exemption for senior citizens on health insurance premium and medical expenditure is a good move. This was also the opportune time for the FM to give infrastructure status to the healthcare sector and provide the much needed acceleration to capacity creation in the sector.The reduction in corporate tax for SME businesses with revenues up to Rs 250 crore is a step in the right direction to push the agenda of their growth and the Rs 10k crore outlay for the telecom infrastructure under Govt projects including the support for establishment of indigenous 5G centers with IIT Chennai is an excellent move.”  - Medical Buyer Bureau 

10 Diagnostic Imaging Trends for 2018



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