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₹28.05 Crore Sanctioned for Development of 3 Hospitals

Administrative sanction has been given for works worth ₹28.05 crore for the development of three hospitals in Kannur, Koothuparamba, and Chalakkudy. Health minister KK Shailaja said that the development works would be carried out with the support of Nabard. While Nabard would fund ₹23.84 crore, the state government would chip in ₹4.20 crore for the works that would improve the infrastructure facilities of Kannur Irivery community health center, Koothuparamba taluk hospital and Chalakkudy taluk hospital. Irivery community center has been sanctioned ₹10.9 crore for construction of hospital building. Koothuparamba hospital would get ₹13.05 crore for construction activities, while Chalakudy hospital would get ₹4.1 crore for the construction of trauma case surgery ward. The reconstruction work of Chalakkudy taluk hospital, which sustained severe damages in the floods, is progressing in a fast pace, the minister said. – TOI

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