10 City Hospitals Warned Against Refusing to Accept Blood from Government Centers

As many as 10 private hospitals in the city have been issued warning by the health department after it came to the fore that they were not accepting blood from the blood banks of government hospitals and were “forcing” patients to purchase it from them. District tuberculosis officer Dr MS Fauzdar has asked the private hospitals to ensure that blood from government blood banks is accepted. “During a meeting with the doctors of PL Sharma district hospital, it has come to fore that 10 private hospitals in Meerut are not accepting blood for their patients from government hospitals.

“Also, the patients are forced to take blood only from the hospital where they are admitted, without stating any reason. If a patient comes with blood from a government blood bank to your hospital, in no case, you can deny that blood without having any valid reason,” read the instructions issued by Fauzdar.  “It is illegal and inappropriate to force patients to take blood from a certain hospital,” the officer wrote in the circular to the ten hospitals. “So, it is expected from you that you inform your hospital staff about the matter and ensure that no such case comes up in the future. If it happens, action will be taken against the hospital,” the circular read.

When contacted, blood bank consultant at PL Sharma district hospital, K Singh, said: “One unit of blood costs ₹1050 at government blood banks. While in private hospitals, it costs ₹1450 per unit. So, they are making profit out of it. “In fact, a person who has donated blood at donation camps for government blood banks can take as many units he donated without any charge by showing his donation card. “This does not happen at private hospitals,” said K Singh, blood bank consultant, PL Sharma district hospital. – TOI

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