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2021 and beyond

COVID-19 has exposed us to several healthcare-related challenges in current times. Health experts in Chennai have begun conducting studies on the after-effects of the virus on patients.

While a substantial number of the patients are still recovering from the disease, the road to recovery is proving to be difficult with long-lasting side effects on the cardio-respiratory fitness of the patients.

Post the recovery period, lung diffusion tests are expected to become the norm for which hospitals will require to stock effective diffusion systems to conduct diffusion studies on the patients.

Schiller’s aim in the coming years will be to ensure it contributes to fulfilling this need by focusing on promoting Ganshorn’s devices-Ganshorn SpiroScout, Ganshorn PowerCube Body+, Ganshorn PowerCube Diffusion+, and Ganshorn PowerCube-Ergo–used for pulmonary function testing.

Another emerging after-effect of COVID-19 among patients will be the condition of labored breathing, also called Dyspnoea.

This can occur due to various reasons such as cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory system, or metabolism dysfunction. CPET (cardiopulmonary exercise testing) will become highly relevant in such times due to an increase in the requirement of procedures, which will help evaluate individuals recovering from such severe conditions.

With the powerful combination of the diffusion devices and our existing CPET products–Cardiovit CS-200 series-the next generation of stress test systems designed for high-volume workload.

Schiller aims to provide a holistic diagnostic solution, equipped with the latest technology to its customers, to help them tackle the healthcare concerns faced by the country.

Schiller also plans to promote its cardiac rehabilitation systems or SRMS (Schiller Rehabilitation Management System) that allows safe and simultaneous training of up to 16 patients.

This software automatically controls all connected ergometers and treadmills. Entering patient data, managing exercise sessions and creating reports become simple tasks that will no longer require tedious manual steps.

In the coming years, India is expected to see a huge shift in the healthcare delivery system. Catering to this change, Schiller will continue to work toward developing its technical and innovative approaches in offering healthcare solutions that will help doctors treat COVID-19 patients and collectively triumph over this pandemic in years to come.