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2023 – Year of digitalization in diagnostics

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) will help both doctors and patients in diagnosis. Clinicians will be aided by AI in their daily tasks–particularly by being liberated from the job of typing data into the computer. We have seen the beginning of the use of AI for remote monitoring, during COVID-19 which has transformed the way patients are cured. AI in hematology is the new arena in IVD, which will be an undisputed tool for the doctors in coming time. I think the mind–machine revolution will combine to give better and more efficient healthcare services.

HORIBA Medical’s key marketing strategy for 2023 revolves around creating the need for products suitable for digitization and has collaborated with a few companies for digital cell morphology. High-end automation HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organization acronym HELO is a unique ecosystem for high-end customers to streamline their work process.

HELO is an innovative design solution covering all the needs of a high-throughput automated hematology platform. The HORIBA advanced technologies embedded in the Yumizen H2500/H1500, associated with over 30 years of experience in hematology diagnosis, offer the highest analytical performances. As a part of HELO, we have a middleware and expert validation station (Yumizen P8000), which connects the Yumizen H1500/H2500 analyzers range and centralizes the data management with LIS connections. Thanks to its data, tube management, waste, blood film, and digitization-management capability, HELO helps in the optimization of TAT, floor space, and reagent storage.

HORIBA Medical also offers a Quality Control Program (QCP) to validate internal quality control of laboratories and a Quality Slide Program (QSP) to control slide reviews.

HORIBA for entry- and mid-segment customers has developed a unique 9-part hematology analyzer Yumizen H500 and H550, with enhanced performance, new features, and increased benefits. They meet a variety of clinical lab environments and settings, including routine hematology, satellite labs, oncology care, and blood banks. The unique features of the new Yumizen H500 and H550 include an extensive test menu with 37 parameters, extended WBC analysis count giving a measurement of immature cells population (IMM#%, IML#%, IMG#%, ALY) and complete RBC indices by providing MIC and MAC for better anemia approach. The analyzers are easy to use and equipped with multi-analysis modes–standard, pre-diluted, EQC, using only 20 µL of blood the entire analysis by two reagents. It has a faster turnaround with a throughput of 60 tests/hr.

Additionally, the analyzers facilitate critical care monitoring with capillary blood compatibility, fast testing, and infectious care monitoring with malaria and dengue screening flags, scoring flags, and NLR (neutrophils-to-lymphocyte ratio). HORIBA Medical believes that the new version of the Yumizen H5xx series would be of great utility in terms of assuring high-level patient safety and disease monitoring. This model with enhanced features will further help HORIBA strengthen its market leadership position in the mid-segment.

Another area is clinical chemistry, which holds the biggest market share in the IVD pie. To expand the laboratory chemistry offerings, HORIBA, Ltd., and HORIBA Instruments have acquired MedTest Holdings, Inc. (composed of MedTest Dx, Inc., Pointe Scientific, Inc., Clinitox Diagnostix, Inc., and Medical Laboratory Solutions, Inc.). The acquisition will combine the complementary innovative technology offerings of HORIBA Medical with MedTest Dx technology, Clinitox, and Pointe Scientific’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, with expertise in FDA 510K and CLIA clearances, to address the multidisciplinary requirements of IVD testing customers.

Localized manufacturing is one of the important areas in line with GOI’s Make in India initiative. HORIBA India is committed to bringing products of indigenous make to customers, ensuring global product standards and quality. We plan to start manufacturing hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers in our recently opened, state-of-the-art, Butibori, Nagpur, facility, which is spread across an area of 12 acres.

Customer delight is going to be one of the key drivers for 2023, where we would like to focus on clinicopathology meetings to disseminate scientific knowledge, also utilize the HORIBA Experience Zone (HEZ), and enhance our training through HORIBA India Technical Institute (HITI). HITI aims to provide a conceptual understanding of modern IVD technologies with various specialized professional courses and the best laboratory practices, along with analytical skill development.

Export focus in 2023 would help HORIBA India to expand and grow in the SAARC market through multiple initiatives and scientific programs.

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