2950 Beds with Centralized Oxygen Coming up for Maternal Care

Since Rajasthan is one of the three states having highest maternal mortality ratio (MMR) in the Empowered Action Group (EAG) and Assam, the state is hopeful of bringing down maternal deaths in coming years significantly. At least 3000 beds in maternal and child health wings with centralized oxygen system are coming up in different parts of the state, which will help providing quality healthcare to pregnant women and neonates. “The buildings of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) wings across the state have been constructed. We have placed work order for connecting all the MCH wings beds with centralized oxygen cylinders. There are high risk pregnancies, which require oxygen along with proper care, which will be provided at the MCH wings,” said Dr SM Mittal, director, family welfare, health department.

These MCH wings are coming up in the hospitals, which are also high case load delivery points. These wings will reduce the shortage of beds for maternal care in government-run hospitals. Major reasons of maternal deaths are identified as hemorrhage, sepsis, abortion, hypertensive disorders, obstructed labor and other causes including anemia. There are 22 MCH wings, which are 100-bedded, while 15 MCH wings are 50-bedded. “Work for pipelines fitting for centralized oxygen system has been completed in 100-bedded MCH wings. Engineering wing of health department has been roped in for fitting of pipelines for oxygen supply on each bed of the wings. The work order for supplying oxygen will be given to private player,” said Dr Mittal.

The health department is focusing equally on improving facilities at labor rooms. It has issued separate guidelines for minimizing chances of infections and for good hygiene practice. Besides, health department is working on capacity building of health care providers in basic and comprehensive obstetric care with a strategic initiative Dakshata to enable service providers in providing high quality services during childbirth at the institutions. A recently released Sample Registration System (SRS) report 2014-16 by the ministry of health and family welfare shows that MMR in the state has taken a dip by 45 points. The report shows that 199 maternal deaths are happening in the state per 100,000 live births in the state. According to SRS 2011-13, the MMR in the state was 244 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. – TOI

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