Aayushman Bharat Will Help Create 11 Lakh Jobs In Next 5-7 Years, Says PM Modi

Terming Ayushman Bharat a ‘symbol of strength and determination of 130 crore people of India’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the scheme will help create 11 lakh new jobs in the next five to seven years which will make it the second largest employment creator after the railways.

PM Modi called Ayushman Bharat “one of the revolutionary steps of new India, not only because it is playing an important role in saving the life of the poor and the citizens of the country, but also because it is also a symbol of strength and determination of 130 crore people of India,” he said.

“According to an estimate, in the next 5-7 years, around 11 lakh new jobs will be created because of building up of better healthcare infrastructure in the country. The enormity of the figure can be gauged by the fact that only the Railways generate employment more than this,” PM Modi said.

“The first year of Ayushman Bharat has been all about resolve, dedication and learning,” PM Modi said in a tweet.

It was the scheme’s big achievement that 46 lakh people have been pulled out of the “darkness of disease”, the prime minister said, adding that the PMJAY scheme has turned into ‘garibon ki jai’ (a victory for poor).

PM Modi said, “Jab gareeb ka baccha swasth hota hai, tabhi bharat Aayushmaan hota hai (When a poor man’s child is healthy, only then India is blessed)” and thanked those “making the scheme successful.”

“Through sankalp and samarpan, we have learnt a lot in the last one year. How with time, we have learnt from stakeholders and learnt about our mistakes,” PM Modi said.

Role in helping the poor strata of society

“We want to make this scheme strong and make it reach the end-beneficiary. From quality to capacity building, we want to further improve its scope,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said that the poor could never even think of getting treated in private hospitals.

Under the scheme, now no poor family will be forced to keep their valuables as collaterals for availing good healthcare facilities, PM Modi said.

In his address, PM Modi appealed to the hospital authorities to always keep their doors open for patients who need treatment.

Success of Ayushman Bharat

PM Modi claimed that the Ayushmaan Bharat scheme under PMJAY has indeed transformed the lives of many.

In a tweet, PM Modi said that he had an excellent interaction with beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY. “I am delighted that this scheme has touched the lives of many across India, giving them better health and more happiness,” he said.

Referring to other healthcare schemes in the past, PM Modi said, “Through many schemes earlier, states have tried to give the poor affordable and good benefits, but they were seldom successful. The beneficiary never got any benefit. But now, through this [Ayushmaan Bharat] scheme, we have changed the present scenario of Indian healthcare.”

“This is the reason that in the last so many days, 50,000 people have tried to make use of this scheme in many states,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said, “No one wants to travel from one state to another to get better treatment. The citizens should get good medical facilities in their own state – that is our motto–No citizen should be kept away from healthcare facilities.”

“Even internationally, when we speak about Universal healthcare, I told them about healthcare in India. The scale and holistic level at which the work is happening is amazing. The world is taking notice of it. With just four steps, we are creating the change– Preventive health care, affordable health care, supply-side change, mission mode interventions,” PM Modi said.

Other advances under the scheme

PM Modi said that the government has also launched a campaign to treat our animals since animal diseases too, spread and cause problems.

PM Modi further said, “I have been told PMJAY 2.0’s IT system has been improved which will check corrupt practices. Dialysis, referrals, follow up care data is being collated and this data should be able to help other bigger hospitals in providing them good treatment.”

He also announced the government’s PMJAY startup challenge which he said will be launched soon. “We are launching PMJAY startup challenge. I invite all youth and entrepreneurs to join the scheme,” PM Modi said.

In a tweet, PM Modi said, “In the years to come, we are making Ayushman Bharat even more people-friendly. Today, we launched a mobile App that will help beneficiaries. The PM-JAY Start-up Challenge will give opportunities to youngsters to further innovation in healthcare.” – India Today

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