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AI Company Launches Data Project To Predict Spread Of Viruses

Jvion, an AI-enabled prescriptive analytics company, has launched a data analysis project that aims to find patterns in the spread of viruses that cause acute respiratory illness like the new coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19.

The project could help hospitals and healthcare providers know more about social risk factors that can contribute to the spread of viruses, as well as infections that require hospitalizations, according to the press release.

“Jvion’s mission is and will always be to use clinical AI to prevent avoidable patient harm,” Shantanu Nigam, CEO and founder of Jvion, said in a statement. “COVID-19 is spreading at an unprecedented rate, but knowledge is power and our team is working diligently to provide insights the industry can use to confidently address issues around staffing, patient triage, and proactive community planning.”

The company, based in Atlanta, plans to make insights and patterns available to clinicians and data scientists in the next few weeks. The information could help hospitals make proactive decisions to manage patient populations.

Already, Jvion’s preliminary analysis, which looked at more than two million patients and their risks of acquiring infection leading to organ damage, were consistent with other research into COVID-19. They found individuals who are older or have chronic conditions are at higher risk of worse health outcomes when infected with COVID-19.

The analysis also found other social risk factors, including long commutes, living in dense residential areas, such as a college dorm, public activities and attending events, going to movies and shopping in person.

Jvion is not the only AI company stepping up to use technology in the face of the growing pandemic. recently partnered with Medical Home Network to develop a predictive analysis to find at-risk Medicaid patients in Cook County, Illinois.-AI In Healthcare

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