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AMC Decides to Reduce VS Hospital to 500 Beds

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has finally decided that the VS hospital will be a reduced to just 500 beds from the existing 1160-bed hospital and will not be associated with NHL Municipal Medical College. The corporation during the VS board meeting adopted the resolution with majority in absence of the VS trustees, who are opposed to the move to reduce the number of beds in the existing VS Hospital. It was also decided that the existing medical staff of the VS hospital will now be associated with the Sardar Patel Institute of Medical Science and Research (SPIMSR). Talking to reporters after the meeting, AMC mayor Bijal Patel said, “We will go in for fresh recruitment of the staff for the VS hospital. The VS board will oversee the new recruitment and the same will be taken care by the Ahmedabad Municipal Urban Health Society. The old existing hospital will be free for the poor and needy.”

The new SPIMSR will be a self-financed hospital and will not be giving any free treatment. The mayor further said that the VS hospital was started as a 120-bed hospital with the donation of Rs 4 lakh received from the Seth Vadilal Sarabhai and Rs 1.20 lakh from Chinoi Trust. On Friday, the trustees of the VS hospital opposed the move of the AMC to reduce the number of beds in the existing hospital to 500. The trustees were adamant that the number of beds in VS should continue to be 1160 and not 500. However, the authorities said that with the new high-rise hospital starting from January, it would not be able to manage 1160 beds and also the high-rise hospital. The trustees are up in arms against the AMC officials over the issue. However, the proposal remained inconclusive. The Board authorized the deputy municipal commissioner to talk to the trustee and work out a solution to the impasse.

The mayor said that the deputy municipal commissioner was asked to hold a meeting and after two rounds it was amicably decided to reduce the beds to 500 from the existing 1160. However, officials’ sources said that despite claims of working out a compromise, the board meeting which was organized on Monday was not attended by the trustees. – TOI