Anesthesia Equipment




Accura HealthCare


Re-defined anesthesia workstation with a unique feature of compressed air-driven anesthesia ventilator



Classical model, 2 gas or 3 gas sources, advanced ventilation mode with ePeep, star product and have large capacity of installation


Advanced model, with senior ventilation mode and very popular in India


Senior model, including advanced ventilation modes, have multi-function and support mini-flow anesthesia operation

Allied Medical (under Meditec England)

Meditec Galaxy Plus

Fully integrated, compact, and ergonomic design; Auxiliary O2 flowmeter; Anti-hypoxic device; Fail-proof audio/visual oxygen failure alarm; Trolley mounted with lockable castors

Meditec Neptune

Mechanical flow meter; Pin indexed yokes for O2 and N2O; Common gas outlet; Twin Selectatec mounting; Auxiliary O2 outlet with flowmeter as standard

Meditec Pisces Vaporizers

Anesthesia vaporizers available for halothane, isoflurane, and sevoflurane; Stability ensured; Precision engineered for complete accuracy

Meditec MedLite

Ease of use and superior functionality; Anti-hypoxic guard; Emergency oxygen flush; Suitable for adult and pediatric patients; Multiple mounting possibilities; Fail proof audible indication

Meditec 2800 Anaesthesia ventilator

Microprocessor based sophisticated Anaesthesia Ventilator that provides optimum patient care, performance capability and versatility in a quick to learn conventional design. A sophisticated ventilator incorporating simplicity with all the advantages of a modern ventilator

Allied Medical

Jupiter Plus

Cost-effective  anesthesia workstation with integrated ventilation; Rust free framework; Convenient common gas outlet; Twin Selectatec mountings; Pin indexed yokes 3 Gas System with Flowmeters for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Air


Compact and user friendly design of Anaesthesia delivery system that helps to deliver attentive care to the patient rather than on the equipment. Jupiter Plus supports low-flow and minimal and extensive ventilation capabilities all packed in slim and ergonomic design

Jupiter Series

Wide monitoring shelf at eye level; hook for breathing circuit; large, roller bearing, anti-static castors with front wheel brakes; auxiliary high-pressure oxygen outlets

Jupiter Anaesthesia Ventilator

Time cycled pressure limited electronically controlled anaesthesia ventilator. Unique inbuilt calculator to guide initial setting of ventilation parameters and inspiratory flow

Avasarala Technologies

I-ADS 10 (Anesthesia Delivery System)

Fully advanced workstation with multimode ventilator and CO2 absorber

ELITE 918 (Anesthesia Delivery System)

Fully equipped anesthesia machine with inbuilt ventilator, CO2 absorber

ELITE 915(Anesthesia Delivery System)

Fully integration of anesthesia machine , built -in ventilator and CO2 absorber

SIGNET 515 (Anesthesia Delivery System)

Fully integration of anesthesia machine , built -in ventilator and CO2 absorber

ELITE 615 (Anesthesia Machine)

Standalone anesthesia machine with three gas system

ELITE 415 (Anesthesia Machine)

Standalone anesthesia machine with three gas system

ELITE 215 (Compact Anesthesia Machine)

Standalone anesthesia machine with two gas system


Oricare A9800

USFDA certified high end system; 3 gas system with built in advanced ventilator

BPL Medical Technologies

E-Flo 6C

Three gas anaesthesia workstation with electronic PEEP

E-Flo 7

Electronic flowmeter with virtual flow display

Penlon Prima 465

12.1” TFT touchscreen display with electronic gas mixer and digital flowmeters

Penlon Prima 320 Advance

10.4” TFT colour touchscreen, Integrated CO2 absorber and bellows unit with ventilator interface

Penlon Prima 451

Approved for use with 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners, up to 1000 gauss line

Draeger India

Fabius Plus

Flexible and precise ventilation modes covering the spectrum of patients from infants to adults; Reliable and cost-effective E-Vent technology; Suitable for low-flow applications

Perseus A500

Outstanding ventilator technology meets the latest approaches to ergonomics and system integration in one innovative anaesthesia machine

Fabius GS Premium

Electronically measures and displays fresh gas flows; Data export via MIB to Dräger Infinity monitors

DSS Imagetech


Animal anesthesia unit mainly for isoFlurane gas

EMCO Meditek

AGM 7200

Latest medical gas sensor technology; Continuous and real time monitoring; Operates on non-dispersive infra red technology

Flexicare Medical


Single limb circuit with split lumen; DEHP and latex free

GE Healthcare

Aisys CS2

Our most upgradeable and configurable carestation — a fully digital carestation; Features a movable 15-inch touch ventilator display screen for a unified user experience; The ecoFLOW display option provides a graphical representation of oxygen flow and anesthetic agent use that can show you your preset target and calculate the cost of your agent consumed in real-time

Avance CS2

An advanced, integrated carestation featuring a sleek 15-inch touchscreen display and intuitive user-interface; Anesthesia remastered for the digital age combined with GE’s legacy advanced breathing system; Optional ecoFLOW feature

Carestation 650

Reliable and compact anesthesia delivery solution with advanced ventilation modes like PCV, PCV- VG, SIMV, PSVPro, CPAP+PSV and SIMV PCV-VG

Carestation 620

Reliable and compact anesthesia delivery solution with advanced ventilation modes like PSV, PCV-VG, SIMV and PSVPro

Genuine Medica

Anesthesia Ventilator

High level microprocessor control; Simple in operation and easy to maintain; Electronically controlled gas driven; Suitable for adult and pediatrics

Silver Anesthesia Machine

Oxygen failure protection device; Audio-visual alarm; Completely encased, detachable pneumatic circuitry; 230 mm long accurately calibrated rotating bobbin flow meters

Anesthesia Workstation

Pneumatically driven electronically controlled; 5 tube rotameter with hypoxy guard; Slectates back bar; Anti-static wheels with locking

Portable Anesthesia Machine

2 tube rotameter with hypoxy guard and oxygen faliure alarm; Goldman vapourizer; Selectatec back bar (optional)



High end modular AWS with digital gas mixer and safe low flow by optimizer; With improved single slot CO2 module or double slot anesthetic agent capability; Anesthetic agent calculation software enables to monitor the real time agent consumption and keeps cost in mind


User interface and ergonomic design; Range of advanced ventilation modes enabling effective care across the range of patient acuity types; Integrated spirometry offers additional information and enhances careful decision making

WATO EX-65/55 Pro

Enables to precisely control the system as well as different types of patient easily; Allows to visualize the system self-test procedure and smart alarm management with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps

WATO EX-65/55

Equipped with smart ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities; Offers a complete range of controlled and support modes of ventilation including PCV-VG, SIMV-VG, and many more to fully meet the ventilation requirements for all patients


Featuring a new 10.4 inch touchscreen with quick access parameter controls and flat menu design; Enables the user to make adjustments to vent mode and monitor settings easier than ever before at this product level; Touch responsive smart alarm system provides real-time detailed information that quickly and clearly alerts the clinician to adverse situations highlighting the need for early interaction and resolution


Breathing circuit with CO2 bypass valve; Multi-selectable display on a colorful screen; Electronically-controlled and pneumatically-driven ventilator; Meets versatile applications


With stable function, advanced safety design, reliable performance, and user-friendly interface; Gives clinical users basic monitoring measurements on a colorful LCD screen with waveforms, including Paw, TVe, MV, Ppeak, and Pmean, with graphs of pressure and flow at the same time

Oricare Inc


Advanced  and classical model , with senior ventilation mode and multi-function. Very hot-selling product


Senior model, star product, including more advanced ventilation modes, have both CE and FDA certificate, very popular in many market

Premier Medical Systems & Devices

Medivent Grand

Capability to operate at a very low FGF; Circuit compliance compensated tidal volume; Fresh gas flow decoupling; Provides for PEEP, pressure support, and apnea backup ventilation


Athena 100

3-gas 5-tube anesthesia system; Clearview rotometer with anti-hypoxic device; In-built 3L O2 reservoir; Visual O2 failure warning device

Athena SV200

3-gas 5-tube anesthesia workstation; Anti-hypoxia device with ratio control; O2 reservoir for emergency; Volume and pressure controlled breath delivery; FiO2 monitoring

Athena SV400

3-gas 5-tube anesthesia system; O2 reservoir for emergency; Integrated anesthesia ventilator with 6.5 inch color (touch) display; Volume and pressure controlled system

Athena 500i

3-gas 5-tube anesthesia system; Anti-hypoxia device with ratio control; O2 reservoir for emergency; Integrated anesthesia ventilator with 6.5 inch color display; Spirometry system


3-gas 5-tube anesthesia system; Anti-hypoxia device with ratio control; O2 reservoir for emergency; Integrated with 10.4 inch color (touch) display; Spirometry system

Suresh Enterprise

Silicone Tube

Sevitsil’s Platinum cured Silicone Products are manufactured in Clean Room and comply to EP3.1.9 USP class VI

Silicone Profile

Sevitsil’s Platinum cured Silicone Products are manufactured in Clean Room and comply to EP3.1.9 USP class VI

Trivitron Healthcare

V Vent 5000

7-inch color LCD Screen, different parameters distinguished by colors for easy recognition; Novel designed ventilator pneumatic system decreases the consumption of oxygen; Built-in no water vapor coagulation sampling device ensures zero maintenance; Fast-release function by APL valve is comparable to high end models; Optional AGSS device for more protection

V Vent 5002/3

Large LCD Screen with various monitoring, waveform and parameters in different colors; IPPV, Pressure mode, SIMV modes can easily meet the ventilation requirement; Integrated CO2 absoption system equipped with no water vapour condensation sensor and fast-release APL valve; C77Optional AGSS provides more protection

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