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AOHC partners with Jay Ambe Hospital, Dahisar for integrative oncology

Art of Healing Cancer (AOHC), a trailblazer in precision and integrative oncology, announces its momentous expansion to Mumbai, India’s thriving metropolis. The expansion fostered through a strategic partnership with Jay Ambe Hospital in Dahisar (E), Mumbai, is a crucial step in broadening AOHC’s reach and fortifying its mission to deliver comprehensive, personalized cancer care.

AOHC is pioneering significant advancements in the domain of precision and integrative oncology. Precision oncology involves decoding the intricate genetic, RNA, and DNA expression patterns underlying cancer. Such understanding aids AOHC in tailoring highly specific treatment strategies. Additionally, AOHC uses an integrative approach to enhance these treatment outcomes, leveraging complementary therapies like nutraceuticals and off-label drugs. This cohesive strategy of merging precision and integrative oncology is proving transformative for patient outcomes.

Dr Reena Yadav, an experienced onco surgeon with an extensive background in Head & Neck cancers and integrative oncology at Jay Ambe Hospital, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership. “I am excited to join hands with AOHC and contribute to their mission of delivering comprehensive and personalized cancer care. Our combined expertise and commitment will certainly elevate the quality of care for cancer patients in Mumbai,” she said.

Dr Mandeep Singh Malhotra, Chief Mentor of AOHC, elaborated on the strategic vision and approach that underpins the organization’s approach. “Our work at AOHC reflects a seamless blend of precision and integrative oncology, and this expansion to Mumbai is a pivotal development in our journey. By leveraging genetic, RNA, and DNA profiling, we develop targeted therapeutic strategies while integrating complementary therapies to enhance treatment efficacy. This holistic, personalized approach significantly improves patient survival and quality of life. Our partnership with Jay Ambe Hospital and the esteemed Dr Reena Yadav allows us to bring this progressive approach to more patients, marking a significant milestone in cancer treatment.”

Arpan Talwar, Co-Founder of AOHC, also expressed his delight. “We’re excited to bring our comprehensive approach to cancer care to Mumbai. Our partnership with Jay Ambe Hospital amplifies our capacity to deliver comprehensive care that merges cutting-edge, gene-targeted treatments with supportive therapies, enhancing patient survival and quality of life,” Talwar affirmed.

As a result of this partnership, cancer patients in Mumbai can now access AOHC’s innovative precision and integrative oncology services, marking a significant step forward in the treatment of cancer in the city. Business Wire India

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