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Apollo Health selects Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to optimize financial operations

Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited has selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to optimize its financial operations and increase productivity. By implementing Oracle Cloud ERP, the company will be able to eliminate manual processes and embrace continuous innovation to improve speed and accuracy in reporting, align financial and operational planning, and gain insights to drive better decisions.

Acknowledging that information inaccessible instantly is akin to being manual, Apollo Health adopted Oracle Fusion, enabling the company to manage processes more efficiently and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Sriram Iyer, CEO of Apollo Health & Lifestyle, told Business Today, “We no longer rely on manual budgeting; instead, we have real-time access and control over our key business metrics. These critical aspects are managed on a day-to-day basis. With Oracle Fusion’s advanced features, we can effectively track and manage our budgets.”

Regarding Apollo Health’s decision to choose Oracle Fusion Cloud, Iyer added, “We’ve had a positive experience with Oracle in the past, and Oracle Fusion stands out as one of the top products in the market for our needs. Our primary goal was to streamline our existing processes, especially with a significant focus on compliance. Oracle Fusion’s cloud-based ERP solution offers faster accessibility across multiple systems within our ecosystem. Its seamless integration capabilities were particularly valuable for us, as we operate various business units with distinct hospital and lab information systems (HIS and LIS). Additionally, we’ve established seamless connections with our vendors and banking partners.”

Apollo Health’s migration from Oracle EBS to Fusion Cloud ERP was orchestrated through a detailed strategic plan aimed at preserving operational continuity and capitalizing on the advantages of cloud technology. During the transition, a critical evaluation of the core business processes was conducted to ensure alignment with the optimal practices suggested by Fusion.

“Enhancing synergy with five existing HIS systems (Health Information systems) and navigating the intricacies of data transfer were also pivotal aspects of the process. In collaboration with the PwC and Oracle team, AHLL meticulously identified which custom features were vital and which could be substituted with Fusion’s default offerings. This led to the adoption of a more streamlined, resilient cloud ecosystem conducive to straightforward upgrades and enhanced flexibility,” explains Deepa Param Singhal, Vice President, Applications, Oracle India.

While it’s still early to provide specific ROI figures since Apollo Health migrated to Oracle Fusion a few months ago, Iyer shared how the migration has benefited the company so far. “Previously, our team spent a considerable amount of time on manual data uploads and integrations, limiting our capacity for analysis and action. With Oracle Fusion, data retrieval is automated, and the system provides insightful dashboards and statistical tools. This shift allows our team to focus more on analyzing data and making informed decisions rather than spending time on data entry and updates. Overall, this has led to increased productivity, improved accuracy, and a more dynamic approach to our operations.”

On the technology front, Apollo Health is heavily investing in data analytics, AI, and automation. Besides Oracle Fusion, the company is leveraging AI to optimize diagnostic services, improve queue management, and offer personalized marketing solutions.

Apollo Health offers an integrated healthcare model allowing for the transition between diagnostic centers, clinics, and hospitals. The company operates a chain of standardized primary healthcare models – multispecialty clinics – including Apollo Clinic in India & the Middle East, Diabetes Management Clinics under Apollo Sugar, Dental Clinics under Apollo Dental, and Diagnostic Centers under Apollo Diagnostics. Additionally, the company operates specialty formats under Apollo Cradle (a Center for Women & Children), Apollo Fertility (a center for providing infertility treatment), Apollo Spectra Hospitals (a hospital for minimally invasive surgeries), and Apollo Dialysis (a Chain of Dialysis Centers). Business Today

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