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Apollo inks deal with TeleHealthcare Malaysia to set up 100 Tele-Clinics

Apollo TeleHealth Services has signed an agreement with TeleHealthcare Malaysia, under which it will set up 100 tele-clinics in Malaysia to provide remote multi-specialty care and consultation to three million people. This is in line with the company’s objective to scale up its operations to reach 25 million lives globally by 2022. The telehealth centers will provide teleconsultations in multiple specialties including endocrinology, nephrology, cardiology, and orthopedics.

Apollo TeleHealth has capabilities in India to reach 700 million Indians remotely through a series of initiatives including 250,000 common service centers at gram panchayat level; 183 electronic urban primary health centers (eUPHCs) that provide essential primary healthcare to people in urban slums in Andhra Pradesh; 115 tele-ophthalmology centers that provide access to basic eye care facilities; 120 telemedicine and 134 teleradiology centers in Uttar Pradesh; and 100 digital dispensaries in Jharkhand.

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