Applied Health Analytics’ New Application Helps Health Systems Track the Engagement and Compliance of Local Workforces in Employer-Sponsored Value-Based Care and Work Safety Programs

Applied Health Analytics, LLC, which provides best-in-class analytics, technology and services to health systems across the United States in support of population health and value-based care arrangements with employers, has released a Learning Management System (LMS) application to store, distribute, track and incent the viewing of video content. The LMS was beta-tested with UnityPoint Health – Optimum Health Solutions, headquartered in Peoria, Ill. and is part of the Company’s interoperable suite of technology, bIQ.

The LMS system consolidates multiple technologies and interfaces employed by health systems to engage their employees, and local employers and their workforce, in the use of online learning modules to address the challenges of communicating and tracking such topics as workforce compliance requirements, cyber security, health education, and care path adherence. The all-in-one application supports the following use cases:

  • Post-Hire regulatory and OSHA compliance
  • Health enhancement education, challenges, and incentives
  • Care pathway educational content
  • General well-being and health promotion
  • Human resource management, training, and education

“LMS allows our Channel Partners to coalesce the multiple workflows and technology they currently use to track and measure program engagement, to offer gamification and to provide educational content,” said Bill Van De Griek, SVP, Product Strategy & Training at Applied Health Analytics. “Storing video, targeting based on risk-factors, interest and employment requirements, and distributing content is now also in one application, lessening and making more efficient, the time spent administrating health and compliance programs. The objective is to make technology work for our health system clients, not the other way around.”

Program administrators append tests to videos and establish the thresholds that constitute a pass or a need to retake tests, from within the learning module. LMS reporting provides health systems data on member activity, engagement metrics that include idle and active time, completion status, grades, and timestamps. Employer stakeholders can identify members of the population who have completed the required content, track rewards completion, and make record of those compliant with workplace safety and health standards.

“Employers want assurance that metrics surrounding their value-based health and work safety initiatives are on track,” said Christine McMillin, Director of Managed Care & Optimum Health Solutions at UnityPoint Health Peoria. “LMS gives us the tools needed to quantify and reward participant adherence while ensuring that educational material is not only offered but effectively received.”

Applied Health Analytics links its best-in-class, proprietary risk analytics and intervention technology with health system physicians, products, services, resources, and partnerships, to offer a complete array of evidence-based and locally delivered education, early detection, and prevention initiatives. Employer-specific data, stratified using Applied Health Analytics’ risk stratification and engagement technology, is combined with the delivery of health system-originated services, resources, and solutions to provide an unparalleled level of population-specific intervention.-Medical Buyer Bureau

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