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As Healthcare Goes Digital, Consumer Engagement And Experience Improve

The healthcare industry in the United States has long been a dichotomy in its embrace of – and resistance to – technology. While some of the world’s finest technology is used to diagnose and treat all manner of illness, patients often have to complete paper forms in the waiting room and many doctors still take notes on paper medical charts.

The move to digital has been well under way in most other industries, creating an expectation of a consumer experience in which healthcare has fallen behind. After all, today’s competition is every other experience the customer has had recently.

In the second of a three-part series, I interview several leaders in the healthcare industry who are approaching the digitization of healthcare from different angles. Thomas Swanson is the Head of Industry Strategy and Marketing in the Health and Life Sciences division of Adobe. Geeta Wilson is the founder and CEO of Consumer Society, an early-stage tech and experience design company building an enterprise experience management technology platform to connect all of the major industry players – insurance companies, healthcare professionals and consumers. Richard McCreary is the Vice President of Product Development for Consumer Society after working at health insurer Humana for nearly 14 years.

The discussion centers around digital’s expanding role in healthcare and how it is affecting consumer engagement and the perception of customer experience. Part 1 looked at the evolution from passive “patient” to proactive “consumer,” and part 3 will examine the aging population and the resulting changes in demand for a healthcare experience. – Forbes