Beacon Medical Grade Display Systems from Cura

Cura’s foresight into the demands of the radiologists has brought the medical community a wide range of displays specifically designed for each imaging and endoscopy/surgical workspace. Cura offers complete range of medical grade display systems for radiology, clinical, surgical, and endoscopy use. These environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed displays exceed industry standards with best image quality and overall performance.

Radiology display systems include 2MP, 3MP, and Dual 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, and 8MP systems. All models are USFDA approved, CE certified. The 5MP and dual integrated screen 8MP are USFDA approved for mammography and tomosynthesis.

The clinical monitors range from 19-inch to 24-inch whereas the surgical/endoscopy monitors offer range from 15-inch to 55-inch systems.

The systems offer professional medical image display, DICOM compliant, to ensure accurate display of medical images.

Protection screen, backlight stabilization, multi-touch functions, friendly user interface helps improves work-efficiency.              

With true color restore technology, the images can be reproduced most precisely. High contrast ratio and viewing angle compensation technologies ensure image consistency, in varying viewing positions.

Consultation display can be applied in the radiology imaging center for image reading and consultation,  the operating room,  and the clinical department consultation, digital surgery training and teaching, remote medical and so on.  

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