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Beckman Coulter releases latest innovations to middleware software

Beckman Coulter has released its newest software version for the company’s flagship middleware system, REMISOL Advance. The software iteration features enhancements – designed in response to feedback from laboratory technologists – that provide a real-time, holistic view of laboratory operations at any given moment. This is primarily achieved through a centralized dashboard that combines sample status information – pending, STAT, validated, and processed – turnaround time data and quality control alerts in an intuitive, visually organized format. With the dashboard, technologists and managers are able to gain an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of laboratory performance, enabling them to promptly focus attention on their most critical work.

By providing a snapshot display of important analytics in a single location, the company is enabling technologists to identify and prioritize critical activities moment by moment. This helps to improve the speed and quality of their workflows and, effectively, allows them to keep their fingers on the pulse of laboratory operations at all times. The REMISOL Advance middleware solution supports operations for mid- to high-volume laboratories by helping them ensure consistency through network standardization, create efficiencies with auto verification rules, improve workflow through consolidated sample management and integrate quality-control management to improve reliability. The system’s version 1.10 software strengthens these capabilities through enhanced rules writing and dynamic turnaround time monitoring.

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