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Govt Homoeopathic Medical College Prof claims diabetes treatment with AI

Professor from Govt Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital (Bhopal) Dr Nisanth Nambison and his team has succeeded in treatment of diabetes with the help of artificial intelligence, claimed the team on Monday.

As per a release, being a diabetic himself Prof Dr Nisanth Nambison in an attempt to treat himself since 2017 used to prick his fingers several times a day to understand his body’s glycemic response pattern to diet and corrected abnormal patterns through diet and lifestyle changes.

During his search he came across continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor technology used for ambulatory glucose monitoring (AGM) which changed the course of events.

The FDA approved technology was being used by the doctors to calibrate dosage of insulin & medicines, but, Dr Nambison repurposed the sensor to effectively manage diabetes mellitus for himself and for his patients now living a drug free life. Later on Dr Nambison got his training in CGM from Stanford University, USA.

In a breakthrough scientific study by the team led by Prof Dr Nisanth Nambison, it was found that after training the ML (Machine Learning) algorithm, the AI (Artificial intelligence) can diagnose the root cause of rise in blood sugar of patients. It does so by recognising the abnormal patterns going on in the body that too in real time, by continuously collecting 288 blood sugar levels in a Day & 4032 levels in 14 days.

After analysis of the data points of importance, using AI (Artificial intelligence) the system narrows down to the cause and suggests corrective action, these corrective actions made 14 out of 20 patients in the study medicine free, 3 patients could curtail the dose of medicine, and 3 others started symptomatically feeling better.

The Artificial intelligence (AI) software developed by Akhilesh Soni (Artificial Intelligence engineer) & Dr Nambison (Homeopathic doctor & computer engineer) predicts future of disease, through understanding of historical behaviour of one’s body, hence, alerts one to take corrective measures. It designed to identify good and bad activities in one’s body & lifestyle, and accordingly alerts one with recommendations (do’s & don’t) for a healthy life. Free Press Journal

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