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Bihar Government Signs MoU For Better Mental Healthcare

PATNA: In order to provide better mental healthcare service in Bihar, the state health department signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Mariwala Health Foundation, Indian Law Society, Pune, and Initiating Concern For All (iCALL) to establish a technical support unit (TSU) in state.

Health department principal secretary Sanjay Kumar said this TSU will help set up a state mental authority and a district mental authority, which in turn will help in implementing Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 and provide basic mental services to people in need. Some of the salient features of this Act include right to people suffering from mental illness to live with dignity and confidentiality. The person also has right to give advance directive about his treatment.

Apart from setting up state and district authorities, this TSU will support the state government in strengthening its mental healthcare by ensuring delivery of basic mental health services. As per the press release issued by the health department, the MoU will be effective for five years commencing from Monday.

Highlighting its components, Kumar said it will help in capacity building of those associated with providing health service in state, as well as implementation of state mental health authority and mental health review boards for implementation of Mental Healthcare Act, 2017.

The TSU will help in establishing legal aid cells in regional mental hospitals as well as development and implementation of suicide prevention activities with different stakeholders in Bihar. Situational analysis of district mental health programmes will also be done to understand its strengths and gaps.-Times Of India  

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