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In Vitro Diagnostics 2021

Biochemistry instruments

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand






A compact, rapid, multi-assay analyzer that provides valuable near patient testing at the point-of-care. The analyzer and test cartridges have been precision engineered with each test cartridge containing an integrated sample collection device and all necessary reagents for a single test


Maximizes testing throughput with high-quality assays to deliver efficient and accurate results for greater productivity

Accurex Biomedical Acculab AT112 Neo End point, kinetic, fixed time, absorbance, turbidimetry; all in one optical system, high reliability and anti-interference; up to 112 test profiles can be programmed
Agappe Diagnostics Mispa Viva EMF (Energy matched filter); ERA flow cell – Auto temperature maintenance; ALD Function – Ensure extended life for the lamp and power saving
Mispa Plus Battery backup upto 60 mins; Minimum aspiration volume: 250 uL; Inbuilt 6 well incubator
Mispa CXL Pro Photometric throughput of 180 tests/hour; Proven HCFG photometry system; Efficient laundry system with 7 stops, 11 steps; Bubble detection function for accurate aspiration; Best in class water consumption of 4L/hour; HbA1c auto hemolysis
TMS 30i HbA1c testing with whole blood; Air pressure mixing for sample and reagent; Built-in clot detector, Collision detection and auto-washing; 3 probes system. R1, R2 and sample individually; Low water consumption of 3.8L/hour
Mispa Nano Plus Maximum 360 throughput per hour; Double switch for lamp control; Proven grating photometry system
Intuitive software with better functionality; Water consumption of 6.5L/hour
Mispa Clinia Plus Dual reagent probes with liquid level sensors; Dual 5 speed stirrers are optimized for each assay; 90 hard glass cuvettes with cuvette check function
TBA 120 FR Pearl High throughput of 800 test/hour for biochemistry and upto 400 ISE; High quality molded hard glass cuvettes with long life; Auto lysing for HbA1c tests from whole blood and RBC cells; Maintenance free chip module ISE system (Canon’s Genuine)
TBA 2000 FR 1600 photometric tests/hour; High quality hard glass cuvettes with long life; Rack loading to hold 200 samples; Grating photometry with 16 wavelengths; Maintenance free chip module ISE system (Canon’s Genuine)
Arkray Healthcare Autochem Ingeniious Semi-automated; Compact ergonomic design; Function key driven user friendly operation; Direct access keys to run the test; Profile wise operation
Beacon Diagnostics Octa-1 and Octa-1 Plus 1 ml 9 filter digital colorimeter with revolutionary LED cluster base light source and long life Li-Ion battery backup
V Chem Smart Semi-auto biochemistry analyzer with 300 programable test
V Chem Plus Dual cuvette mode and photometric linear measurement range up to 3.000 Abs
V Chem Next Programable 3–in–1 semi-auto biochemistry analyzer with dual cuvette mode and built in dry block 26 position incubator
Unicorn 120, 230, and 480 Fully automated random access biochemistry analyzers with throughput of 100, 200, & 400 test/hr; incorporating Teflon coated paddle type mixture for uniform mixing of reagent and sample
B Auto 200 Fully automated random access biochemistry analyzer with throughput of 200 photometric test/hr, having ceramic piston arrangement for accurate and long-lasting aspiration and dispensing function
Bonavera Chem 200 and Bonavera Chem 480 Fully automated random access biochemistry analyzer with throughput of 200 and 400 test/hr. with integrated fully closed optical system
Liquizyme and Lyphozyme Ready to use liquid stable clinical chemistry reagent with wider measuring range for each parameters; Covering special parameters like, ADA, HbA1c, Direct HDL/ LDL, ammonia; Dry/lyophilised powder chemistry reagents with longer working reagent stability
Turbilatex Latex enhanced turbidimetry reagents for RA/ASO/CRP/microalbumin/ ferritin assay having broader prozone limit and higher linear measurement range
System Pack Reagents Wide range of clinical chemistry system pack, ideally suitable for our fully automated biochemistry analyzers
Beckman Coulter AU480 Chemistry analyzer with throughput of 400 photometric tests/hr, long life electrodes, and spot photometer technology
AU5800 Series Continuous operation, powerful throughput, and scalable capacity; process up to 2000 tests/hr
DxC 700 AU Maximized uptime, high reliability, and precise performance with robust throughput
Compact Diagnostics IraChem-200 Fully automated biochemistry analyzer; Throughput: 200 tests/hour
CPC Diagnostics Stat Fax 3000 Plus IAD filters; dual mode, on-board curve editing, batch mode facility
Cormay Diagnostics Accent S120 Fully automated random access discrete clinical chemistry analyser with 120 test/hr & 400 test/hr incl ISE; Closed & validated complete clinical chemistry diagnostic system (analyzer + reagents + calibrators + controls) with 21 panels & 66 chemistries
Accent MC240 Fully automated random access discrete clinical chemistry analyser with 240 test/hr constant & 400 test/hr with ISE; Patented optical system – Advanced concave grating light-splitting technology; 21 panels & 66 chemistries
Accent M320 Up to 320 T/H & 540 T/H with ISE; 80 reusable cuvettes; Reduced reagent consumption -100 μl minimum reaction volume with intelligent probe; Faster return on investments.
Multi Plus Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer with validated reagents
Liquick Cor Offer widest range of clinical chemistry reagents for semi automated & open chemistry analyzers
DiaSys Diagnostics India Sys 400 Constant throughput of 400 photometry tests/hr; user defined input of patient information and graphical software; 60 nm polished probe, liquid level detection, clot detection, and collision protection
HORIBA Medical Pentra C400 Compact, integrated, automated bench top analyzer with continuous loading and up to 420 tests/hr throughput with ISE
Pentra C200 Compact, automated bench top analyzer with intuitive software and upto 300 tests/hour throughput with ISE
Yumizen CA60 India’s 1st VOCD – Vertical overlay concept design; Equipped with MALS–Multi array light system; Feature of changing colors on abnormal results & storage capacity of 100,000 results
Yumizen CR reagents Liquid stable, ready to use reagents for semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers
Medica Corporation Easy RA (Hi- Speed) Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput up to 240 tests/hr (without ISE) and up to 480 tests/hr with ISE
Medsource Ozone Csense 200CD Most advanced medium throughput fully auto analyzer with clot detection and system packs
Meril Diagnostics CliniQuant and CliniQuant Micro Semi-automated biochemistry analyzer with 8 assay modes
Mindray Medical BS-120 24 hour non-stop refrigerated compartment; automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, and collision protection
BS-230 Discrete, random access, fully automated analyzer with up to 400 tests/hr (upto 200 tests/hr without ISE) throughput with ISE
BS-240 40 to 80 positions for samples and reagents respectively; in-built laundry, automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, and collision protection
BS-430 Achieves a perfect balance between size and throughput with uniform reagent package and software. It achieves a throughput of 400 tests per hour
BS-800M A floor-standing, modular, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer offering a constant 800 tests per hour with sample delivery module. Typical users are medium-sized and large laboratories (used as a main instrument)
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vitros® Automation Solution It’s all about continuous quality improvement – of your staff, your processes and your results – while reducing costs, equipping your lab for future growth and meeting patients’ needs
Randox Laboratories RX Misano Sets the benchmark for the next generation of the RX series clinical chemistry analysers
RX Monaco A fully automated random access clinical analyser capable of carrying out 170 tests per hour
RX Daytona+ Capable of running 270 photometric tests per hour or 450 tests per hour including ISEs
RX Imola A benchtop analyser with a throughput of 400 photometric tests per hour or 560 tests per hour including ISEs
Robonik India Autora Fully automatic random access biochemistry analyzer
Roche Diagnostics cobas c 311 analyzer A stand-alone system that offers consolidated testing from a broad menu of clinical chemistry applications. This analyser has the capacity for ion-selective electrode (ISE) determination of sodium, potassium, and chloride in serum, plasma, and urine
Siemens Healthineers ADVIA Chemistry XPT system Delivers high throughput of up to 2400 tests per hour; manages comprehensive testing with a menu of more than 115 assays; improves workflow using automation and system technologies such as micro-volume and aliquot retention
Sysmex BX-3010 Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer with random access and continuous loading. Combining the high efficacy, quality results, user friendly operations and low running costs, the BX-3010 enables even smaller laboratories to enjoy the benefits of the advanced technology that is seen in a high throughput analyser; Provides an efficient and reliable solution that simplifies work processes
BX-4000 The instrument’s advanced technologies allow the BX-4000 to deliver accurate results with high efficiency and user-friendly operation with low running costs
JCA BM-6010/C The fully automated chemistry analyser is designed for high volume laboratories that meet the needs of the laboratories. Tied with maximum agility, it meets the demand for a cost-efficient solution for your chemistry testing
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Scientific™
Benchtop, random access, clinical and special chemistry analyzer with 200 throughput capacity for biochemistry, specific proteins, drug of abuse testing, therapeutic drug monitoring and immunosuppressant drugs testing
Thermo Scientific™
Indiko Plus
Benchtop, random access, clinical and special chemistry analyzer with 350 throughput capacity for biochemistry, specific proteins, drug of abuse testing, therapeutic drug monitoring and immunosuppressant drugs testing
Thermo Scientific™
Indiko Vet and Indiko Plus Vet
Veterinary diagnostic solutions Indiko analyzers – clinical standards for companion care. High quality care and testing as human samples
Transasia Bio-Medicals XL-1000 Fully automated, random access analyzer with throughput of 1040 tests/hour (including ISE); multi-wavelength diffraction grating with 15 wavelengths; 150 samples can be loaded on advanced track system excluding calibrators, controls and separate carousal for STAT samples; 150 μl reading volume with three reagent chemistry facility
XL 640 Fully automated, random access analyzer with throughput of 640 tests/hr (including ISE); mutli-wavelength diffraction grating with 12 wavelengths; dedicated probes for reagents – R1 & R2 as well as sample leading to no scope for contamination/carryover; hard glass cuvettes combined with 8 stage laundry makes detection possible at as low as 180 ul of reading volume
EM 360 Fully automated, random access analyzer with throughput of up to 360 tests/hr; based on proven technology – diffraction grating; separate probe for reagent R1 and R2 and dedicated probe for sample; low reading volume of 200 μl only; on-board cooling for reagents to enhance the reagent stability; barcode for reagents and samples (optional); wide test menu
EM 200 Compact bench top clinical chemistry analyzer with 200 tests/hr (400 tests/hr with ISE); static photometer with 8 multi-wavelengths ranging from 340 – 700 nm; hard glass cuvettes combined with 8 stage laundry makes detection possible at as low as 180 μl of reading volume; auto dilution and rerun feature saves time and avoids manual handling of samples
Chem 7 Semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer; 56 direct-access keys; temperature selection for 20°C – 40°C in steps of 1°C; five reporting formats; online display of reaction curve
Erba Chem 5x Semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer; multi-point calibration with graphical display; repeat measurement with read key; USB connectivity to external printer and PC; monochromatic and bichromatic measurement; dual cuvette system; proven and tested for the last three decades
Erba CRP Single point calibration; linearity is 80mg/dL; highly specific and sensitive as resistant to interference; highly stable which ensures complete utilisation; programmable on SAA/FAA
Erba Ferritin Unique dual formulation for excellent specificity; convenient liquid stable ready- to-use barcoded system packs; on-board stability 8 weeks at 2 to 8°C; wide measuring range 5-420 ng/ml; sensitivity (LOQ) 5 ng/ml; no interference: Bilirubin up to 40 mg/dl, Hb up to 500 mg/dl, TGL up to 3000 mg/dl
Erba HbA1c Standardized test kits for accurate diabetes detection; greater sensitivity (3.3% HbA1c) with advanced immunoturbidimetric method; 4x longer shelf life* (*24 months at 2- 8°C & 1 month on-board); 5x longer calibration stability* (30 days); 99% correlation with HPLC; linearity (16%) as per industry standards
Erba Creatinine Enzymatic Determination in serum, plasma and urine; no interferences by non-creatinine chromogens (pseudo-creatinines); no interference by bilirubin up to 30 mg/dL, hemoglobin up to 5g/L, and triglycerides up to 1000 mg/dL; wide assay range 0.042- 64.5 mg/dl; liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagent; good on-board and calibration stability
Erba Glucose Hexokinase UV – 2 point / fixed time mode assay; high linearity 800 mg/dl; no interference with – hemoglobin upto 500 mg/dl, bilirubin upto 30 mg/dl, lipids upto 1000 mg/dl; long shelf-life up to 24 months at 2-8°C; on-board reagent stability 30 days at 2-8°C
Erba ADA Highly specific for ADA and has no detectable reaction with other nucleosides; no interference with serum bilirubin up to 30 mg/dL, hemoglobin up to 200 mg/dL, triglycerides up to 750 mg/dL, and ascorbic acid up to 4 mg/dL; linearity 200 IU/L; ability to test serum, plasma, CSF and pleural effusions; application available on both fully automated and semi-automated instruments
Comprehensive range of reagents Complete range of large and small system pack kits; quality controls (Erba Norm and Path);calibrators (Multical); liquid stable reagents (Liquixx range); powder based(lyophilized) with enhanced stability
Tulip Diagnostics 3000 Evolution Semi-automatic chemistry & turbidimetry analyzer with 7 filters, built-in thermal graphic printer, long life halogen lamp, online real time graph
Trivitron Healthcare Labmate Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer with clinical chemistry, turbidimetry, and coagulation modes and ideal for small & mid-size labs; 8 interference filters (340 to 700); Peltier controlled triple cuvette analysis system; minimum aspiration volume of 200 µl by means of peristaltic pump
Nanolab 200/500 Fully automated biochemistry analyzers with various throughputs; Benchtop models to suit medium and large sized lab workloads
Elite Electrolyte analyzer; Wider menu due to dual configuration in single model – Na, K & Cl or Na, k & Li
ClinReact A wide range of liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents with long shelf life & ready to use pack sizes; Comprehensive test menu for enzymes, substrates, electrolyte & specific protein parameters

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