Bioinformatics services market emerging owing to its ability to develop personalized medicine

In recent years, considerable progress has been made in life science research. As an interdisciplinary field, bioinformatics services combines computer science, statistics and life sciences together in the form of algorithms. This helps in mining and interpreting tremendous biological data. Owing to this a good fraction, perhaps even most of biological data mining and processing are done with the help of bioinformatics software. This can be one reason behind the growth of the global bioinformatics market.

• The bioinformatics services includes wide range of data analysis. Such as processing sequence reads from instrument, data aggregation, and mining data samples. Bioinformatics services help biologists to understand biological process easily. This saves a lot of time and increases efficiency of the biologist. The ability of bioinformatics services software to enhance capacity of biologist is likely to boost growth of the global bioinformatics services market. The popularity of bioinformatics services can be estimated by recent data released by Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. According to it, around 60 million of genomes are likely to deliver by 2025.

• Increasing prevalence of rare diseases demand new treatments and drugs. Bioinformatics help conduct extensive molecular biological data on patients. This helps in effective diagnosis and treatment. Thus aids in developing personalized medicine by accessing genetic and molecular data. This is driving the global bioinformatics services market.

• Apart from this, increasing investment for bioinformatics services from public as well as private body, dearth of skilled medical professionals are major factors estimated to increase the applications of bioinformatics services. This is expected to bolster the growth of the global bioinformatics services market.

• Looking at the immense demand for bioinformatics, manufacturer are focusing towards product proliferation to tap growth in the global bioinformatics services market. For instance, CD Genomics launched RNA-seq services in 2018. It helps in accurate and cost-efficient gene profiling. Along with this, it also enable discovery of new gene structures.

Bioinformatics services are finding wide application in chemoinformatics, genomics, metabolomics, RNA-seq analysis, and drug design. The database is an important part for bioinformatics research and application to cover various information types including molecular structure, protein and DNA sequences, and phenotypes in bioinformatics services. Extensive molecular biological data on patients is being included on a large scale in diagnosis and treatment. Bioinformatics services is fundamental to precision medicine as developing personalized medicine depends on accessing genetic and molecular data.

According to the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), around 60 million genomes are likely to be sequenced by 2025. Moreover, with the presence of national clinical genomic initiatives worldwide, the generation of genomic data in healthcare is expected to outpace that in research in the coming years. Governments across countries are increasingly investing in the biotechnology and bioinformatics services to effectively implement new technologies and support genomic and epidemiological research. With the technological and process advancements in biotechnology, it has become imperative that bioinformatics techniques are performed by skilled personnel. However, the need for heavy investment in tool upgradation and installation training is impeding the growth of bioinformatics services. The lack of skilled professionals in bioinformatics services is also hampering the growth of clinical laboratories as they are focusing to automate processes. BioSpace

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