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Blood Bank 2021

Blood bank centrifuges

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand




Eppendorf MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus Extremely compact footprint; user-friendly digital display; metal rotor bowl; optimal ventilation flow; soft-touch lid closure
  Centrifuge 5418/5418 R Centrifuge for 18 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes; available in refrigerated version
Fanem Centrifuge 208 and 208R Micro-processed control; automatic cover lock; LCD display with backlight; end of process warning; acceleration and braking control; for volumes up to 2.4L
  Excelsa Flex 3400 Induction motor; micro-processed control panel; LCD display with backlight; electrical unbalance detection; cover with absorber and electromagnetic lock; several options of rotors and tube-holders
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Scientific™
Cryofuge 16
Unparalleled 16 bag capacity; Proven productivity & yields; Complete traceability & data management, CE MDD Class IIA & USFDA certified; Highest install base in the country
  Thermo Scientific™
Cryofuge 5500i
Optimal 8 bag capacity, proven high quality component separation; Low ownership cost


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