Blood Cell Separators




Fresenius Kabi

HemoCare Filters

High filtration efficiency and performance, highest recovery, user friendliness, and time saving

C5 Separation Chamber

For high-quality platelet concentrates

Macopharma India Transfusion Solution

Thromboflex TXP

Leucocyte reduction filter for platelet concentrates; Filtration efficiency >4 log; Transparent housing for visual monitoring of the filtration; Easy handling

Leucolab LCG2b/LCG4

RBC concentrate filtration at RT or at 4°C; Preparation of leucoreduced RBC concentrate; High component recovery >90 percent; Easy-to-use

Leucoflex LXT, MTL1, LCRD2, LCRD, CGP

Whole blood filtration at RT and preparation of leucoreduced RBC concentrate in additive solution and leucoreduced plasma; Short filtration duration

Macopress Smart Revo

Fully automatic compact whole blood component separator; High level of traceability; Fast processing time

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