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Blood Component Separator Units for GGH Soon

The hunt for blood platelets at Government General Hospitals in Vijayawada is going to end as the authorities are getting a blood component separator unit soon. Only seven out of 21 components of units are yet to reach the hospital. The estimated cost of the separator unit is ₹1.4 crore. All the blood banks across Krishna district are being encouraged to use separated components of blood. Blood banks at Government General Hospital (GGH) are following the footsteps of the private blood banks of the city, that have already started practising this. The process of acquiring the necessary equipment to enable blood component separation, installation of the machine and operation of the machine is expected to take place in the next two months.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities are applying to get the licence for the equipment from the Union Ministry of Health, New Delhi. Before the machine is functional, the staff of the blood bank need to undergo training for 30 days. Speaking on this, RMO of GGH, G Narasimha Naik said, “We have had the proposal to start the blood component separator for a long time. The staff will be trained from next month, and all the components of the separator unit will also be ready by then. However, getting the license is going to be a tough task, since it is time taking.” Currently, the demand for fresh blood in both GGH’s is around 40-50 bags every day but the blood bank is able to provide for only 35 bags.

Patients who are in need of platelets are also being given fresh blood because the private blood banks are charging over ₹7000 for a single unit of platelets, which most people getting treated at GGH are unable to afford. Dr PB Manasseh, in-charge of GGHs’ blood bank, said, “Once we get the component separation unit, cases like antenatal, which require only packed cells, can be solved from here. Similarly, for treating dengue and viral cases, platelets will be available here and there would be no need to go to private blood banks.” – New Indian Express

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