Bruker introduces a new high-performance preclinical PET/CT Si78 system

Bruker has introduced the new preclinical PET/CT Si78 scanner for whole-body molecular imaging. The PET/CT Si78 next-generation nuclear molecular imaging (NMI) system combines Bruker’s revolutionary total body PET detector, which provides sub-millimeter spatial resolution over a large field-of-view and exceptional PET sensitivity with a very fast, low dose, and high-resolution micro-CT.

The PET/CT Si78 also comes with an unsurpassed user experience due to the forward thinking ParaVision 360 software. The PET/CT Si78 is addressing the latest needs of preclinical imaging scientists by combining homogeneous sub-millimeter PET spatial resolution over a large field of view (FoV) with minimal X-ray radiation dose. The whole-body micro-CT scan times can be shorter than seven seconds, which is important for animal welfare.

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