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C-CAMP ties up with joins BFI to accelerate healthcare solutions

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) has joined the Blockchain for Impact (BFI) Biome Virtual Network Program to accelerate transformative healthcare solutions through biomedical innovation.

According to C-CAMP, the BFI-Biome Virtual Network will nurture cutting-edge biomedical science and innovation and accelerate the impact of transformative scientific advances in moving the needle for key healthcare challenges in India.

C-CAMP said that it has a robust pipeline of biomedical innovations in several critical areas such as infectious disease diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance, cell therapy, immuno-oncology, regenerative tissues, digital health tech to name a few.

At least 10 of these solutions are already in clinical trials or at pre-IND stage with the FDA or the CDSCO. With the support of BFI, C-CAMP plans to jumpstart the last-mile sprint to commercialisation of these important emerging solutions by providing access to more state-of-the-art infrastructure, regulatory networks, funding and scale-up opportunities.

The BFI-Biome Virtual Network Program initiative unites incubators and research institutes under a single umbrella. This fosters collaborations among the stakeholders in the translational pipeline, the process of transforming research discoveries into real-world applications.

Through this program, BFI will allocate over $ 200,000 over the course of three years, leveraging C-CAMP’s expertise to develop essential programs for healthcare-based startups.

“C-CAMP being an organisation to foster deep science research and innovation for societal impact, the goals and mandates of both partners naturally align and complement each other. The partnership is expected to blur disciplinary boundaries in approaching biotech R&D, promote cross-integration of expertise and infrastructure, provide multidisciplinary insights into need identification, problem-solving and solution implementation,”C-CAMP said. The Hindu

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