Blood Banking

  • Blood Bank Centrifuges

    Brands Model Features Eppendorf MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus Extremely compact footprint; User-friendly digital display; Metal rotor bowl; Optimal ventilation flow; Soft-touch lid closure Centrifuge 5418 / 5418 R Centrifuge for 18…Read More

  • Blood Cell Separators

    Brands Model Features Fresenius Kabi HemoCare Filters High filtration efficiency and performance, highest recovery, user friendliness, and time saving C5 Separation Chamber For high-quality platelet concentrates Macopharma India Transfusion Solution Thromboflex…Read More

  • Blood Collection Bags

    Brands Model Features Macopharma India Transfusion Solution Blood Bags Prevention of needle stick injury; Easy to insert vacuum tubes; Reduction of bacterial contamination; User-friendly packaging Poly Medicure Blood Bag Systems…Read More

  • Refrigerators and Low Temperature Freezers

    Brands Model Features Fanem Freezer 349-FV Control panel with LED indicator; Operating temperature of -20; Internal volume of 289L; Digital thermometer; Electronic microprocessor control with temperature indicator Godrej GBR 50…Read More

  • Miscellaneous

    Brands Model Features Alliance Transfusion Haemovigil Patented transfusion safety system to reduce bedside transfusion errors such as wrong blood sampling, incorrect patient identification, and issue of wrong blood units Typesafe …Read More

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