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  • HPLC going places

    HPLC going places

    Chromatography may have been around for decades, but by no means has the technique and its applications stopped evolving. The method will continue to be adapted to meet novel challenging…Read More

  • Electrophoresis Instruments

    Brands Model Features Imperial Life Sciences DCGE Series DGGE denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis system; 5 different sized DGGE systems which are reliable and easy-to-use Spinco Biotech MultiNA Microchip Electrophoresis System…Read More

  • Flow Cytometers

    Brands Model Features BD India BD FACSPresto Near-patient CD4 counter includes the instrument, integrated software, sample incubation work station, and single-use disposable cartridges; The system is designed to provide absolute…Read More

  • Gas Chromatography

    Brands Model Features Bruker Daltonics EVOQ GC-TQ Series GC-MS platform for gas chromatographer; Simple to use, incredibly sensitive, robust, and reliable performance Shimadzu Analytical Nexis GC-2030 Premier gas chromatograph; Offers…Read More

  • HPLC Systems

    Brands Model Features Bruker Daltonics Elute LC series Minimized gradient delay volume; Binary high-pressure mixing pump; Increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership Shimadzu Analytical Nexera series Experience New Benchmarks –…Read More

  • Mass Spectrometers

    Brands Model Features Bruker Daltonics FT-MS solariX XR High-end proteomics studies (top-down and bottom-up workflows); Molecular imaging of tissue; Petroleum product analysis; Complex environmental sample analysis; Metabolomics research Sciex 4500,…Read More

  • Microarray System

    Brands Model Features Imperial Life Sciences GeneTitan MC Streamlines and automates target preparation and array processing; Rapidly assess data quality and manage it efficiently; Identify and validate gene expression profiles…Read More

  • Spectroscopy Equipment

    Brands Model Features Merck Millipore Spectroquant Prove 100 VIS spectrophotometer developed for fast, easy, and secure use in routine applications such as waste water testing Spectroquant Prove 600 Powerful UV/VIS…Read More

  • Thermal Cyclers

    Brands Model Features Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX96  Real Time PCR Truly open system with gradient features; 5 plexing; Follows MIQE guidelines C1000 PCR Touchscreen, dual block 48×48 wells, gradient features T100…Read More

  • Miscellaneous

    Brands Model Features Alchem Diagnostics Vayugen DNA Purification Kit Simple and rapid system for high quality genomic DNA purification DNA Extraction Kit Kits for both plasmid and genomic DNA extraction…Read More

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