DNA Sequencers

  • DNA Sequencing Commemorates its 40th Anniversary

    DNA Sequencing Commemorates its 40th Anniversary

    As DNA sequencing commemorates its 40th anniversary, advancements are being made toward third-generation sequencing tools with an ultimate goal of achieving precise real-time products. In the past, the method of…Read More

  • Revolutionary Advances in Sequencing

    Revolutionary Advances in Sequencing

    The latest NGS systems are now capable of producing nearly 100,000-fold more sequencing data per run as compared to initial NGS systems launched 10 years ago. Genomics has been revolutionized…Read More

  • Expanding Horizons with NGS

    Expanding Horizons with NGS

    NGS tools have the potential to allow for revolutionary science, including direct sequencing of RNA or proteins, real-time genomic pathogen monitoring, or precision medicine based on personal genome sequencing. Great…Read More

  • Forging Ahead to New Heights

    Forging Ahead to New Heights

    With the advancements in the technologies to detect the DNA sequence, from the foundational approaches such as Maxam & Gilbert’s and Sanger sequencing, the domain of DNA sequencers has rapidly…Read More

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