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MedTech 2022

Cath labs

Pride HP
Ceiling suspended fixed cathlab with flat panel detector (100kw); rotational angiography and mono scan; touch monitor at table side for easy access to operator; dose levels display and warnings on monitor screen.

Pride HP
Floor mounted fixed cathlab with FPD-AltimaF80 /Altima F100/Altima Adv (80/100KW); pre-programmable positions of the gantry; radiation free collimation; fully motorized and swift movements; rotational angiography.

Life HP/Life FP
Mobile cathlab with FPD-Photon F65/Photon F80 (65/80 KW); modular generator; radiation free collimation; FPD up/down with rotation; integrated dap meter.

BPL Medical Technologies

EliteView EV15
Patient monitor: 15-inch high resolution display-touchscreen.

Defibrillator: bi-phasic defibrillator with 7-inch color TFT screen. Optional enhancement: AED, NIBP, Masimo SpO2, either pacing or capnography (CO2).

Surgical diathermy: vessel sealing system, saline plasma bipolar resection, high performance diathermy modes available.

Acura S1
Syringe pump: infusion modes: rate mode, time mode and drug/weight mode & inbuilt drug library.

Acura V1
Volumetric pump: dual bolus modes: manual and automatic bolus.

GE Healthcare

Innova IGS 620 with AutoRight
A biplane image-guided system for cardiovascular and electrophysiology procedures.

Innova IGS 520 with AutoRight
A floor-mounted image-guided system for cardiovascular and electrophysiology procedures in the cath lab.

Philips Healthcare

Allura FC
Fixed C-arm stand for dedicated cardiovascular work; Movable C-arm stand for flexible positioning during pacemaker implants and general work.

Small foot print with 15-inch detector; Three-side positioning flexibility of the movable C-arm stand combined with a mobile table adds to its clinical versatility.

Allura XPer FD10
Digital 10-inch flat-panel detector ceiling mounted cath lab; Better image contrast and sharpness, while minimizing noise for clear coronary angiography.


Artis Zee
A proven and reliable system that delivers optimal image quality at lowest dose, letting optimize procedure mix, and invest with confidence.

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