Cath Labs

Cath Labs




Allengers Medical Systems


Fixed cathlabs with modular generator for dedicated cardiovascular work; Movable C-gantry for flexible positioning during pacemaker implants and general work; 80/100 kW generator for enhanced performance; Procedure room monitors on either ceiling suspension or on trolley; Detector/Image intensifier options available


Mobile cath labs with advanced high-definition digital image acquisition, processing, and review system encompassing multiple applications; Range 20KW to 80KW; Detector / Image intensifier models available

Komega Impex

Siemens CCD Cathlab

Excellent maneuverability with a slim-line design; Up to 1000 mA,100 kW power; Available with flat panel detector

GE Flat Panel Cathlab

Square flat-panel digital detector; Offers 38% greater coverage; Uses an active sensor to assess movement of the gantry and select the optimal position for the image receptor relative to the patient

Philips Healthcare

Allura FC

Fixed C-arm stand for dedicated cardiovascular work; Movable C-arm stand for flexible positioning during pacemaker implants and general work


Small foot print with 15 inch detector; Three-side positioning flexibility of the movable C-arm stand combined with a mobile table adds to its clinical versatility

Allura XPer FD10

Digital 10 inch flat-panel detector ceiling mounted cath lab; Better image contrast and sharpness, while minimizing noise for clear coronary angiography

Allura FD20

New-generation 16 bits 20 inch detector cath Lab for neurovascular applications ; With 2k imaging and 3D live guidance tools for neuro and vascular procedures

Allura Biplane

20 inch detector in frontal plane and 15 inch in lateral plane; Possess all the neuro 3D functionality for complex neuro and vasccular interventions

Allura Clarity

Industry’s leading image quality at fraction of the dose. ClarityIQ technology works with ultra low dose levels

Azurion 7

With 20 inch  flat detector; Insightful live image guidance; Enhanced visibility

Schiller Healthcare

Radius XP 100 Cardio

Fully digital flat panel fixed cath lab 100 kW

Radius XP (CCD&FD)

State-of-the-art mobile cath lab 20 kW (CCD and flat detector); Optional dual cooling; E-motion and dual power

Shimadzu Medical India

Trinias F8/C8 MiX Package

Provides high-quality radiographic and fluoroscopic images with lower dose; Features noise reduction technology to reduce noise and allows sufficient visibility of the tip of guide wire and catheter

BRANSIST alexa F12/C12 MiX Package

Features a flat panel detector with a field of view able to cover the entire body to support cardiovascular and angiographic procedures



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