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Centre issues GTE exemption for procurement of 354 medical devices

Union Ministry of Finance has issued a Global Tender Enquiry (GTE) exemption for procurement of 354 medical devices.

“ln view of the request of MoH&FW, a general exemption is hereby granted herewith under Rule 161 (iv) of GFRs 2017, from the instructions issued by this Department vide OMs No. F.1211712019-PPD dated 15.05.2020 & 28.05.2020, tor issuance of GTE for procurement of 354 medical devices,” said Sher Bahadur, Under Secretary (Procurement Policy), Department of Expenditure, Procurement Policy Division, Ministry of Finance, in his office memorandum.

This follows the request made by the Union Ministry of Health and Medical Education for exemption.

“Attention is invited to this Department’s OM No. F.12t1712019-PPD’dated 15.05.2020 regarding amendment in Rule 161(iv) of General Financial Rules (GFRs) 2017 stipulating that no Global Tender Enquiry GTE) shall be invited for tenders up to Rs.200 crore. However, in exceptional cases, where the Ministry or the Department feels that there are special reasons for issuance of GTE, it may record its detailed justification and seek prior approval for relaxation to the above Rule from the competent authority i.e. Secretary (Coordination), Cabinet Secretariat. In this context, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) has requested to exempt procurement of 354 Medical Devices from the above instructions,” said Sher Bahadur.

He also clarified that the machine system includes spare parts and accessories which may be procured by procuring entities together or separately. “Procuring entity concerned may frame the detailed technical specifications for the above devices as per their requirements,” he added.

Welcoming the decision, the Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI) said this is a path-breaking effort by the government towards equitable policy-making, spanning the crucial last mile that was uncovered so far.

“This exercise has leveled the playing field and its ultimate beneficiary will be the patient who will have continued access to quality products till reliable import substitutes are available, and the nation because such a system of checks and balances will not allow sub-par product launches to tar our reputation as a reliable manufacturing destination. This reputation will assist our growing exports and the foreign investor on seeing that the government staff is taking such pains to ensure policy-making is fair will also be encouraged,” said Pavan Choudary, Chairman, MTaI.

“A prima facie review of the list shows that all stakeholders have had some claims of theirs shot down. This was natural to happen due to the irreproachable jury of users and experts. But must say, that to the best of our knowledge, we are not aware of any government going to this painstaking extent to serve justice to the patient or the industry,” he added.
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