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Chandigarh: Talking Hospital At PGI Has AI kiosk For Doctor

CHANDIGARH: As you enter Nehru Hospital’s extension block of 250 beds at the PGI, a virtual doctor asks you to stand up in front of an artificial-intelligence operated interactive kiosk for diagnosis. The machine saves medical history in a QR code instead of a bulky paper file.

Project director Rajeev Sao, superintending engineer in the central public works department, said: “This AI kiosk also assists doctors and paramedics. This hospital has admissions but no OPDs (outpatient departments). When the shift rotates, nurses and doctors can share the patient’s medical-summary QR code with the person who relives them. The press of a button activates audio instructions and questions to patients in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. The system responds to the answers.”

A member of the PGI faculty said: “The interactive kiosk helps attendants and visitors locate the patient’s ward, diagnostic facilities, and conveniences.” The AI computer generates a 13-digit number for every user and saves that as QR code that the attending doctor can scan to access the information. Skipping unnecessary recording saves time. Sao said: “A startup has built the kiosk for hardly any cost.”

The audio-visual system telecasts live surgery to classrooms and doctors’ personal computers. The new lecture theatre and seminar rooms have giant LED screens with e-Podium and digital sound. The building has more than 180 LED signs that display waiting position update for diagnosis. These screens installed in all the waiting areas will also carry general information about the prevention of diseases.

The information system in 10 modular operating theatres (OT) gives the attendants health updates on the patients, besides their waiting position. A digital public-address system makes emergency announcements and plays light piped music for healing.-Times Of India

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