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Changing fertility care for generations to come

India is home to almost 28 million infertile people but is still a highly under-penetrated market with significantly low treatment rates of less than 1 percent. A double-digit growth in infertility has made it a personal, psychological, and societal health concern in India. However, infertility still remains a condition that is stigmatized and often not prioritized as a key health issue. Apart from the social stigma, factors such as affordability, lack of insurance coverage, and significant geographical skew with different affordability standards also contribute to the wide treatment gap.

As the risk factors contributing to infertility continue to increase, the rising burden of infertility in India is highly alarming, and it is about time for all relevant stakeholders of Indian healthcare to address the issue of infertility and its treatment in order to mitigate its serious implications both at an individual level and on a societal level.

With the recent enactment of the much-awaited ART Bill, enhanced focus on quality and best practices is expected to be seen which may lead to consolidation in the Indian IVF landscape. It should not only strengthen the regulatory framework for the industry but also bring in a great level of protocol standardization to improve clinical efficacy and safety, benefitting the patients on a broader level.

How CooperSurgical aims to change fertility care for generations to come
CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions, the fertility arm of CooperSurgical is the global leader in IVF and reproductive genetics, marketing a comprehensive solution of media, equipment, microtools, and genetic testing utilized in fertility clinics worldwide, and helps in improving the health of women, babies, and families worldwide.

Building on the high-quality reputation of our legacy companies ORIGIO, SAGE, Humagen, The Pipette Company (TPC), K-Systems, Research Instruments (RI), Wallace, LifeGlobal, and CooperGenomics, we provide a wide range of products and services for the complete ART process.

Be it our innovative software platform and lab management system, such as RI Witness, our wide range of media and consumables, special products for poor prognosis patients, such as culture media with GM-CSF or innovative sperm selection tools – PICSI and SpermSlow, our aim is to offer fertility specialists with the best possible support to drive the efficiency of their clinics and work with them to increase the standards of treatment.

We truly believe that knowledge sharing is key to nurturing innovation, and is vital to bridge the skill gap that exists in the infertility landscape globally. In India, our center of excellence is located in Mumbai, where we offer a wide range of courses and workshops for embryologists, gynecologists, lab managers, and R&D scientists, with hands-on expert training in breakthrough technologies and next-generation techniques.

Our recent collaboration with the Lovely Professional University (LPU) in 2022, as an industry partner for their clinical embryology course, is one of the key strategic steps that we have taken to raise the level of education and research in the field of clinical embryology.

We are thankful for the Indian fertility community for accepting and collaborating with us for not just our products but also for various knowledge-sharing initiatives, such as CMEs, workshops, and panel discussions. We were also the knowledge partners in the development of the historical ART consensus guidelines, involving the three major infertility societies of India – ISAR, ACE, and IFS, which is a breakthrough in the Indian IVF industry that aims to bring in the standardization in the IVF process to optimize results.

Our vision and endeavors in the coming year
Further to the implementation of the ART Bill, we look forward to partner with many more infertility clinics across India to offer the best possible treatment options to the patients suffering from infertility. With our innovative electronic witnessing and lab management tool – RI Witness, we can hand hold them to achieve standardization and efficient workflow management.

We will further strengthen our collaboration with industry stake holders by providing quality solutions at every step and making IVF accessible to all through various knowledge-sharing initiatives, workshops, and awareness programs.

On similar lines of our collaboration with LPU, we aim to jointly work together with various educational institutions in India, which can help bridge the skill gap, especially in the field of embryology that we are facing today.

We at CooperSurgical Fertility Solutions India are driven and passionate to support our customers with highly specialized solutions, both for individual clinics and across large organizations, and aim to be their preferred partner in changing fertility care for generations to come.

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