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Chennai: GEM Hospital opens paediatric gastroenterology department

GEM Hospital has launched a specialised gastrointestinal centre for children. According to hospital authorities, the department of paediatric gastroenterology is the first of its kind centre for children in the State.

Hospital founder C. Palanivelu said the country was witnessing a growing burden of digestive disorders in children.

“It can affect a child’s growth, mental development and overall immunity because 70% of the immune system lies within the gastrointestinal tract. Many children swallow foreign bodies which may be dangerous and life-threatening and need a specialised centre to remove them.”

According to the WHO, 10% of children had gastrointestinal problems that led to multiple mental and social issues during the growing stages.

According to the hospital’s chief executive officer S. Asokan, the centre is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and the equipment include facilities for paediatric liver transplant, 24×7 gastrointestinal bleed and foreign bodies removal centre, paediatric endoscopy services, integrated paediatric and child counselling care for all paediatric disorders. “Dedicated evaluation and treatment is provided for jaundice in infants and children,” he said.

The hospital launched powered spiral enteroscopy, an advanced method in treating gastrointestinal bleeding.

Hospital director P. Senthilnathan said around 5% of gastrointestinal bleeding occurred from the small bowel. The spiral enteroscopy allowed for the small bowel to be examined in less than an hour and made possible therapeutic interventions, he said.

Head of the department of medical gastroenterology Vinoth Kumar said the power spiral was the world’s first motorised endoscope. The Hindu

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