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CIPACA’s ICU operations to double the revenues of partner hospitals

CIPACA, a leading rural ICU care provider, said its partner hospitals across States have reported at least a 50 per cent increase in their topline after the commencement of CIPACA’s ICU operations and associated services, thereby achieving two big objectives – protecting critically ill rural patients and maintaining their financial viability.

The Chennai-headquartered CIPACA runs ICU operations in about 14 hospitals in semi-urban and rural locations across six States. In the past year , it has partnered with five hospitals in four States . All these hospitals are located in places where the population has been deprived of ICU and emergency care facilities and critically ill patients had to be taken to corporate hospitals in faraway cities and big towns.

Thanks to the disruptive business model of CIPACA, rural patients in those locations are being provided ICU care in its partner hospitals at an affordable cost.

With CIPACA’s ICU operations, the partner hospitals have not only increased their revenue significantly with improving occupancy but also emerged as key centres for critical surgeries too due to the availability of ICU facilities.

“Some of our partner hospitals, where we started ICU operations a few months ago, in places like Shrikonda (Maharashtra), Kailashahar (Tripura) and Ooty (Tamil Nadu) have seen a good increase in ICU occupancy. With this, the revenue is growing significantly every month for these hospitals. Overall, with our ICU operations, we are working with a goal of doubling the revenues of our partner hospitals in 2-4 years,” Dr Raja Amarnath, Managing Director of CIPACA told BusinessLine.

While ICU operations will drive more revenue for the partner hospitals, they will also see revenue through associated services such as post-ICU treatment. In addition, more doctors in the region will refer the critical patients to partner hospitals due to the availability of ICU and also take up critical surgeries there . As a result, the number of surgeries will also increase, thereby providing some revenues for the partner hospitals, he added.

In three years, the brand value of partner hospitals will go up, confidence levels of doctors will be better, overall improvement in quality of healthcare in partner hospitals, service to rural patients will improve and huge savings for critically ill rural patients by avoiding visits to corporate hospitals, he added.

The hospitals where CIPACA is managing ICU operations have saved more than 1.50 lakh lives, particularly from rural and small-town areas in the last few years, by providing treatment in the golden hour. The Hindu BusinessLine

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