CLAM-2000 from Shimadzu Analytical (India)

Automation in diagnostic laboratory is a welcome innovation. Advancements in automation have led to, increased productivity, efficiency, reliability, and confidence in testing a very small specimen with accurate results. What once was done manually can now be performed by automation in a fraction of time. Automation is an efficient way to streamline your workflow with expected high throughput.

 In order to automatize the pre-treatment of blood or other biological samples before LCMS analysis, Shimadzu has developed a fully automated sample preparation module named CLAM-2000 (clinical laboratory automated sample preparation module). It is designed for customers who handle blood samples in pharmaceutical or biological laboratories that are dealing with issues of variability in analytical results or infection risk. CLAM-2000 for LCMS is based on the extensive blood coagulation analyzer technology.

It is completely automatic from pre-treatment to analysis and processes individual samples successively in parallel. Depending on the samples being analyzed, operations involve two simple steps – placing the blood collection tubes and reagents in the system and then requesting the desired sample analyses in the software. A liquid crystal touch panel display on the CLAM-2000 interface made LCMS sample preparation and analysis accessible to all users, regardless of the level of experience. The CLAM-2000 offers workflow for routine LC-MS/MS analysis that helps ensure reliable and rapid operations, that results in uniform pre-treatment times between samples, without slowing processing speed, and improves data reproducibility and accuracy.

  • Seamless integration of sample preparation and LC-MS/MS analysis
  • Thorough precision control of analytical results
  • Reduces operator errors and enhances laboratory safety during procedures

CLAM-2000 is going to be a next-generation technology for high-throughput LCMS analysis in identification or quantitative research of immuno-suppressants, pain treatment, antiretroviral, anti-seizure, and antipsychotic drugs.

 “With advent of CLAM-2000 now users can seamlessly integrate sample preparation and LC-MS/MS to improve data quality, sample throughput, laboratory efficiency and safety. Simple workflows allow users to go from blood collection tubes to results without any additional sample handling. CLAM-2000 will definitely help to achieve a high-precision workflow for clinical research that is safer, faster, and simpler.”

Kunihiko Koriyama
Dy. GM – Marketing and Sales,
Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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