CMCH May Get 2 Dialysis Machines for Diabetics

The Coimbatore Medical College Hospital is considering setting up a couple of dialysis machines in the diabetes ward. This will ensure that patients who suffer from renal failure due to diabetes do not have to stand in a queue with hepatitis and other kidney failure patients. The hospital performs dialysis for around 40 patients a day. CMCH officials are considering creating a small enclosure within the diabetes ward for diabetes patients suffering from kidney failure to undergo dialysis immediately.

The hospital has 13 dialysis machines now, of which two of them are exclusively for hepatitis C and hepatitis B patients in a separate ward. “We avoid doing dialysis for other renal failure patients from the machines for the hepatitis patients, to prevent spread of infections and disease. Though we sterilise all our equipment, we choose to avoid such risks,” said CMCH resident medical officer Dr A Soundaravel. The government hospital gets at least 300 diabetes patients in the outpatient ward daily. “By setting up a few machines in their ward, it is easier to treat them and ensure they get dialysis as soon as possible,” Soundaravel added. – TOI

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