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Come new financial year, Kolkata private hospitals revise charges

Private hospitals in Kolkata are in the process of revising their charges at the start of the new financial year, which could result in the rise of cost of surgeries and consumable at certain facilities. While revisions to bed and package charges, as well as diagnostic costs that require consent from insurance companies, may not immediately impact insured patients, but those paying in cash may face increased cost.

Reports said some hospitals are also planning to raise OPD consultation and diagnostic charges. The surge in the prices of surgical devices, implants, procedural instruments, and peripheral materials has forced an upward adjustment of fees. However, the hospital clarifies that the rise in rates may not be uniform across the board.

Treatments which can experience price hike
Treatments such as angioplasty, cardiothoracic and cardiovascular surgeries, and certain implants like MRI-compatible pacemakers and devices used in spine and orthopaedic procedures may experience price hikes.

Hospitals expected to revise charges
Peerless Hospital is currently in the process of revising charges, including OPD consultation fees and diagnostic costs. Bed and package charges are also expected to rise. Sudipta Mitra, CEO of Peerless Hospital, as quoted by TOI, said, that the extent of the increase has not yet been determined but assured that it would be reasonable. The decision on surgery charges has not been made, and any rise will depend on the costs of devices and implants. Mitra added that the majority of their patients are covered by insurance and charges for insurance patients cannot be increased until the agreement with insurance companies expires. The revision of OPD consultation fees will be based on the seniority of the doctors.

BP Poddar Hospital is also considering a “price correction” for specific consumables, implants, and imported equipment that are subject to market rate fluctuations. TOI quoted the Supriyo Chakrabarty, group advisor at B P Poddar Hospital, as saying, that the revision is necessary due to the increased costs of certain devices. Prices of critical devices like oxygenators, high-end guide wires, balloons for complex angioplasty, MRI-compatible pacemakers, and implants used in orthopaedics and spine surgeries have risen. Cash patients will be required to pay the increased rates for treatment. The hike could range from 30 per cent to 35 per cent. Jagran English

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