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CORE Diagnostics launches new satellite lab

CORE Diagnostics, a leading high-end diagnostic solutions provider, has announced its new satellite lab launch in East Delhi, Hargobind Enclave. This strategic expansion aims to broaden the company’s testing capacities, ensuring enhanced accessibility to high-quality diagnostic services for healthcare providers and patients.

The inauguration of the lab was done by Dinesh Chauhan,CEO, CORE Diagnostics Our Green Park Lab Director – Dr Alpana and Dr Praveen Gulati (MBBS, MD Radiologist). The satellite lab is an integral part of CORE Diagnostics’ strategic expansion plan, aimed at extending its testing capabilities and meeting the growing demand for efficient and accurate diagnostic services. This expansion allows them to bring high-quality diagnostic solutions closer to healthcare providers and patients, empowering them with timely and precise information for informed medical decisions.

The satellite lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals who share CORE Diagnostics’ passion for excellence in diagnostics. With advanced diagnostic equipment, automation systems, and quality control measures, the laboratory aims to maintain the highest standards of testing excellence. The lab adheres to the same stringent quality standards and rigorous protocols that have earned CORE Diagnostics its reputation as a trusted and reliable diagnostic partner.

This expansion will allow quicker and more convenient access to critical diagnostic tests, reducing turnaround time and enabling prompt treatment decisions. Their team of experienced laboratory professionals utilizes robust processing and specimen management systems, allowing for seamless coordination and swift delivery of test results.

Dinesh Chauhan, CEO, CORE Diagnostics, said, “With this expansion, CORE Diagnostics aims to improve accessibility to its comprehensive diagnostic tests, including advanced genomic testing, molecular profiling, and disease stratification. Our newest satellite lab addition is designed to serve as a hub for excellence in diagnostics, fostering collaboration between CORE Diagnostics’ experts and healthcare professionals to enhance patient care.”

“The launch of our satellite lab represents a significant milestone for CORE Diagnostics. We are committed to extending our diagnostic services to healthcare providers and patients in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Gurugram, Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Bengaluru, and surrounding areas, enabling faster diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. Through our advanced technology, experienced team, and dedication to quality, we aim to impact patient outcomes and the overall healthcare landscape positively.” Passionate In Marketing

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