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Crumbling Infrastructure Ails PGIMER

The residents of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) are up in arms against the municipal corporation over inattention to a crumbling civic infrastructure and bad roads in front of the elite hospital. The residents gathered at the roundabout of Sectors 11, 12, 14, and 15 (PGI Chowk) on Sunday in a protest against the corporation. Gurjusjit Singh, who led the protesters, said: “The ugly side of city is visible to all at the PGI, but rarely any political party makes a noise about it.” They protesters fished in the PGI Chowk tank that lies exposed for the past two months. Protester Misha Brar said the Chandigarh roads were such a mess that if one reached home safely, it was a miracle. “The contractors and officials responsible for maintaining these roads have blood on their hands. They should be held accountable for the deaths that occur in road accidents because of these potholes and leakages,” she said. Protester Mohit Sharma said: “If the administration and the municipal corporation are unable to maintain the existing infrastructure, I wonder how they will build future projects. Their inaction speaks a lot about their inability.”

PGI resident Manmohan Luthra said: “The traffic on Chandigarh roads has surpassed a critical point and the city does not have the infrastructure to support it.” The protestors carried placards carrying slogans such as Mafia rules us and Government provides dirty water, public drinks it. They demanded immediate repair of the PGI Chowk and all roads surrounding the elite hospital. Gurjusjit Singh said: “We also demand 24×7 deployment of traffic cops around the PGI for smooth traffic and quick entrance for the ambulances to the hospital. The barricades raised between Panjab University and the PGI should be removed to make that entry functional. A cop should be deployed at all times at that point to monitor traffic. More than 1 Lakh people visit the PGI for treatment but there’s not a cop to direct traffic there or check haphazard parking on the roads around the hospital.” He said the PGI residents will continue to raise their voice against the inefficiency of the municipal corporation and force its officials out of hibernation. – TOI