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Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

Hitachi Supria

16-slice multi-detector CT scanner; Compact size, excellent image quality, and ease of use

Hitachi Scenaria

128-slice multi-detector CT scanner; High-speed rotation and high resolution; Reduced artifacts, scattered X-rays, and dosage

Carestream Health

Vita Flex

Throughput of 45 plates per hour; Smaller size and weight; Supports a number of cassette sizes; Ability to be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds

DirectView Classic CR System

Designed to streamline workflow for higher productivity and patient throughput. Handles up to 69 cassettes per hour; Offers a robust user interface, rapid image processing, and a range of software options and tools; Supports all cassette sizes including dental, long length imaging, mammography, and general purpose radiography

Cura Healthcare

GE CT Scanners

Dual slice to 16 slice CT scanners with gantry, table, electronics, console, workstation, and software modules

DSS Imagetech 

Bruker µCT

Albira Si-Multimodality system with PET +SPECT

Albira Si & Skyscan 1276

Albira Si-Multimodality system with PET +SPECT

GE Healthcare


New generation 4 slice CT with Clarity Panel Detector for improved image quality, exceptional spatial resolution and visualization of 3D anatomy, up to 40% dose reduction through smart technology like ViSR and ODM, Improved workflow, 47% reduction in power input, lower total life cycle cost


New generation 16 Slice CT scanner with Clarity Panel Detector that delivers exceptional spatial resolution lower electronic noise; Compact and power-efficient design; Up to 40% dose reduction through smart technologies like ASiR, ViST, ODM, and 3D mA modulation


New generation 32 slice CT with Clarity Panel Detector for improved image quality, exceptional spatial resolution and visualization of 3D anatomy, up to 40% dose reduction through smart technology like ViSR and ODM, improved workflow, lower power efficient design, energy saving mode flexible table design

Revolution EVO

New Generation 128 Slice CT; The new Clarity Imaging System provides better spatial resolution of 0.28 mm, up to 82% dose reduction with ASiR-V; Up to 40% increased workflow efficiency. Advanced studies like TAVI planning, high heart rate CCTA, and patients with implants

Revolution HD

New generation gemstone detector technology high definition CT with 0.23 mm spatial resolution, GSI (gemstone spectral imaging) option with monchomatic imaging, virtual non-contrast imaging; Smart cardiac and smart and Intelligent motion correction with SnapShot Freeze technology

Revolution CT

New generation 256 slice CT Gemstone clarity detector with 160 mm coverage, capture the whole heart in a single beat, in high definition, with motion-free coronary images at any heart rate; One-beat acquisition for calcium scoring, coronary imaging or comprehensive cardiac assessment can be achieved with or without beta blockers

Optima 580 W

Wide bore 16 slice CT for radiation therapy planning applications as well as routine radiology applications; High power tube and generator for exceptional image quality; Advance oncology applications with respiratory gating capabilities

Discovery RT

Latest generation wide bore 16 slice CT for radiation therapy planning applications with advance oncology applications with respiratory gating capabilities; Devise less 4D capabilities; Max FOV technology for wider coverage

Discovery IQ

It is latest generation PET CT which is scalable; New light burst detector designed to deliver the highest sensitivity of any PET/CT anywhere enabling excellent image quality with fast scans at low doses for greater patient comfort and care; New Q.Clear reconstruction pioneering technology delivering consistent quantitative SUV measurements for efficient reading for greater confidence in evaluating a patient’s response to cancer treatment

Philips Healthcare

Ingenuity CT

Uncompromised 64 and 128-slice performance; Highest image quality with lower radiation dos

Brilliance iCT

Premium performance for whole-body application with larger detector coverage; Cardiac imaging with lower dose and higher heart rates

MX16 Evo

Superior radiology performance; Faster coverage with sub mm and sub second acquisition

iCT and iCT Elite

iPatient for scan-to-scan consistency; With nanopanel eite detector technology to reduce image noise


With digital photon counting; Digital detection for dramatically improved images; iDose for high image quality at low dose

Ingenuity TF

Astonish TF for enhanced lesion detectability; High image quality at low dose with iDose; Full-fidelity imaging accuracy


Premium CT capabilities; Brilliance workspace options to increase efficiency; Upto 30 percent contrast improvement for enhanced lesion detectability

Acess CT 16 and 32 slice

16 slice CT with MAR technology to isolate the effects of metal objects in image data, 70 kV scan mode offering low dose scanning of the smaller patients; Comes with iDose technology — an innovative solution that helps you personalize image quality based on your patients’ needs at low dose

BrightView SPECT

BodyGuard automatic contouring; High resolution through Astonish SPECT reconstruction technologies; Detectors with PinPoint technologies

Philips BrightView XCT

CoPlanar FP; BodyGuard automatic contouring; Low dose levels; Single data acquisition to produce as many as fifteen different image; Uniform operation reducing retraining

BrightView X

Small but mighty SPECT system; Proprietary CloseUp image resolution in a compact footprint; Field-upgradeable to BrightView XCT; Astonish SPECT reconstruction technologies

Schiller Healthcare


Portable 8-slice head-and-neck CT scanner


Portable 32-slice whole-body CT scanner


Point-of-care 16-slice CT scanner; Noise reduction; Metal artifact reduction; Computer aided diagnostics; Axial, helical, CT angiography, and CT perfusion

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