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MedTech 2022

CT scanners

Fujifilm India
Supria 128
Open and compact 64ch/128slice CT; Detector coverage:40mm; Detector configuration:0.625×64 rows; Wide bore size: 750mm with compact footprint; Metal artefact reduction s/w:HiMAR; Low dose technology: Intelli IP (True Iterative recon. applies on raw & Image data both) and Intelli EC (Applies in all x,y,z direction with SD mode).

GE Healthcare

Revolution EVO Gen 2
Features intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients.

Optima CT540
HiLight Matrix Detector with 24 reference elements and 0.5-sec rotation speed; Volara Digital DAS with an increased sampling rate of up to 20% and electronic noise reduction up to 33%.

Philips Healthcare

Uncompromised 64 and 128-slice performance; Highest image quality with lower radiation dos.

iCT Family
Enhances patient care with comprehensive capabilities and advanced tools for high quality, low-dose cardiovascular imaging, enhancing diagnostic confidence and helps to optimize value for investment.

SCHILLER Healthcare

CereTom® elite
Portable 8-slice head-and-neck CT scanner.

BodyTom® elite
Portable 32-slice whole-body CT scanner.

OmniTom® elite
Point-of-care 16-slice CT scanner; Noise reduction; Metal artifact reduction; Computer-aided diagnostics; Axial, Helical, CT angiography, and CT perfusion.


Get two steps ahead in Preventive Care with kidney-friendly scanning and low dose early detection.

SOMATOM Definition Edge
Confronted with increasingly complex clinical requirements and rising numbers of patients, medical institutions are expected to perform at the limits of capacity every day.

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