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DA EUA makes first N99 filter patch available for use with CPAP and BIPAP

Azimuth Sleep Solutions has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization(EUA) for their patent-pending PortPatch™ product, in order to expand air filtration capabilities for patient treatment options and to help keep healthcare workers safer in patient-care areas where non-invasive ventilatory treatment devices need to be used. PortPatch™ is made with a hydrophobic, N99-rated filter material to filter out 99% of airborne particulates through exhalation ports, anti-asphyxia valves and carbon dioxide vents on CPAP, BiPAP and other non-invasive ventilation masks.

Independent test data of PortPatch™ showed no retention of carbon dioxide. PortPatch™ also remained in place over vents and ports during tests of low to very high levels of airflow pressures. PortPatch™ allows CPAP and BiPAP to be used more safely in all patient-care settings: hospitals, surgical centers, long- term care facilities, and sleep laboratories. This universal, simple and inexpensive solution can be used on any design or brand of CPAP mask.

“We are excited to bring this new option to health care providers and patients around the country,” said Dr. Kristen Archbold, CEO and Co-Founder of Azimuth Sleep Solutions. “During this global pandemic we are all focused on innovative ways to increase safety for health care workers and expand treatment options for patients.”

PortPatch™ is applied to CPAP mask ports and vents, increasing safety for health providers and providing more treatment options for patients. – Business Wire

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