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Dakshina Kannada launches Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana

The Dakshina Kannada district, which is known for its medical tourism initiative has launched a remarkable feat by becoming the pioneer in providing doorstep cardio care to its citizens. In a momentous occasion, the district launched the groundbreaking “Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana” (HVY) in a simple yet impactful ceremony on Thursday.

Led by Dr Kumar, the CEO of Zilla Panchayat, the implementation of the Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana marks a watershed moment in healthcare. This visionary initiative aims to offer free screening camps for heart-related diseases, setting a new benchmark for the entire country.

The success of this groundbreaking program is a result of the collective efforts of the Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat, District Health and Family Welfare Department, Mangaluru Taluk Health Officer Office, and the Cardiology Doorstep Foundation. Under the guidance of Dr Padmanabha Kamath and his dedicated team, the Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana has materialized, ensuring that cardiologists reach patients right at their doorsteps, bridging the gap in vital medical services available in rural areas.

The significance of this remarkable initiative has been acknowledged by the chief secretary of the state, who lauded its milestone achievement in healthcare. Dr Padmanabha Kamath, the brilliant mind behind the Hridaya Vaishalya scheme, shared his motivation for spearheading this program. His unwavering commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of rural communities is evident, as the Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that medical facilities are easily accessible to those residing in remote areas.

Every Wednesday, specialist cardiologists will visit designated primary health centers or community health centers, offering free check-ups to the public. Dr Kamath urges the community to seize this invaluable opportunity, emphasizing the scheme’s primary goal of extending quality medical care to rural areas while empowering individuals to prioritize their cardiac health.

Dr Padmanabha Kamath envisions that the Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana will transcend district boundaries and encompass the entire state, delivering its transformative impact far and wide. The success of this ambitious project relies on the active participation of town residents and health officials alike. Community Health Officers (CHOs) and local health officers shoulder the responsibility of effectively implementing the program, and their collaboration is pivotal in ensuring its long-term success.

The launch of the Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana signifies a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, as Dakshina Kannada district takes the lead in revolutionizing accessibility to cardiovascular care. This milestone achievement brings hope and relief to countless individuals, and it serves as a shining example for other regions to adopt similar innovative approaches in healthcare.

The Dakshina Kannada district has laid the foundation for a brighter and healthier future, where groundbreaking initiatives like the Hridaya Vaishalya Yojana pave the way for comprehensive, compassionate, and convenient healthcare services for all. The Hans India

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