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Data From On-Going Study By Roche & Wellthy Therapeutics Presented At The ADA’s 79th Scientific Sessions

  • Harnessing data collected through medical devices and applying digital therapeutics enhances self-management practices among diabetes patients
  • Potential to reduce physician burden and improve diagnosis accuracy by capturing patient data in a timely manner

Roche, a pioneer in innovative diabetes technologies and Asia’s leading Digital Therapeutics Company Wellthy Therapeutics, showcased compelling data of improved diabetes care outcomes in a South Asian population when patients followed prescribed plan of medication and lifestyle modification in conjunction with a combination therapy of self-monitoring blood glucose device and a clinically validated digital therapeutic (DTx). The results were presented at the 79th Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, in San Francisco, USA.

The study evaluated data from 833 individuals who used both the Accu-Chek Active® blood glucose monitor and the Wellthy Care Digital Therapeutic, to form an iPDM (integrated personalized diabetes management) solution. The Accu-Chek Active® device was used to monitor blood glucose values, while the Wellthy Care Digital Therapeutic provided real time artificial intelligence-powered feedback and coaching, with a self-management program based on AADE guidelines.

The study results are particularly encouraging since the study was conducted in real world settings, indicating the potential use of the self-monitoring blood sugar device and DTx combination in resource constrained, low health literacy markets such as India.

“Evidence based care is moving from clinical trial settings to real world evidence. Delivering effective iPDM solutions to help patients improve their diabetes management and monitoring to improve outcomes and quality of life, is of paramount importance for better diabetes care. We are encouraged to see the ongoing results coming from the combined use of Accu-Chek Active® with Wellthy’s Digital Therapeutic,” said Varsha Khatry, Head Medical and Scientific Affairs at Roche Diabetes Care India.

The study demonstrated that increased engagement on the combined Digital Therapeutic (DTx) was highly correlated with reduced blood sugar levels from baseline. There was a significant difference between the mean first and last logged fasting blood sugar (FBS) (149.33 mg/dl vs 132.83 mg/dl, p = 0.0013) and random blood sugar (RBS) (202.20 mg/dl vs 169.79 mg/dl, p = 0.004) values. The highest tertile of DTX engagement was correlated with a larger blood sugar reduction in both FBS and RBS, than those who were in the lowest tertile.

Vinod Mattoo, Wellthy’s Chief Scientific Officer, said, “Evidence-based recommendations on lifestyle management are crucial for good diabetes management, as much of the treatment is dependent on the patient’s day-to-day behavior outside the prescribed pharmacological therapy. The key finding of this study was the successful improvement seen in the variability of post-activity glucose outcomes, suggesting that self-monitoring blood sugar devices combined with DTx can provide an effective, low-cost method for optimizing individual patient management through personalized insights.”

Rajeev Chawla, President of the Research Society for Diabetes in India (RSSDI) said, “Improving real world patient outcomes in a chronic disease such as diabetes is the highest priority for countries like India. Adding clinically validated self-management tools such as Wellthy Care’s DTx, with self-monitoring tools like SMBG, is a powerful combination to improve patient real world data, patient engagement, and most importantly improve patient outcomes and access to self-care. I’m glad to see medical device companies and digital therapeutic companies come together, to combat the growing burden of diabetes in India.”- Medical Buyer Bureau

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