Allied Medical


Biphasic defibrillator monitor; Battery capacity of 70–100 shocks on single charge; Compact and light weight; Optional non-invasive pacing, SPO2 , NIBP, AED, EtCO2

Allied Medical (under Saver One)


Saver One semi-automatic pad with 200 J (public access defibrillator)


Saver One semi-automatic pad with 360 J (public access defibrillator)


Saver One fully-automatic pad with 200 J (public access defibrillator)


Saver One fully-automatic pad with 360 J (public access defibrillator)


Saver One semi-automatic pad with 200 J and ECG monitoring


Saver One semi-automatic pad with 360 J and ECG monitoring


Saver One AED trainer



Biphasic, 360 joules with built in AED, pacer and VSM unit is certified for use in road ambulance


AED with adult and child modes

BPL Medical Technologies

Relife 900

Bi-phasic defibrillator with 7-inch color TFT Screen. Optional enhancement: AED, NIBP, Masimo SPO2, either pacing or capnography (CO2)

DF 2509

Monophasic defibrillator, 5.7-inch LCD Screen

DF 2628 Phoenix

AED with Bi-phasic current limited waveform

Cura Healthcare


Biphasic defibrillator; ECG, SpO2, NIBP; Large 8.5-inch TFT display; In-build thermal printer; GPRS connectivity

Accusign series

Compact modular monitor with 12.1 inch color TFT display featuring 5 basic parametrs such as ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Resp, Temp with 72 hours trend storage, and wireless connectivity


Compact multiparameter monitor; 12-inch display with touchscreen; Trend data storage; Built-in rechargeable battery

EMCO Meditek

Rescue 230

Biphasic defibrillator; Heart rate indicator; Integrated thermal printer

Genuine Medica


Biphasic waceform; Easy defibrillation; Self-test; Pacemaker detection; Motion detector


BeneHeart D6

4-in-one design to meet the clinical requirement of manual defibrillation, automatic external defibrillation, patient monitoring, and pacing; Facility to provide real time patient data from ambulance to hospital for rescue operation; Large and vivid display with 4 waveforms to ensure easy viewing of ECG and vital signs; Compact design, easy to carry, and easy to operate

BeneHeart D3

Compact 4-in-one integrated design, durable, and light weighted defibrillator which integrates monitoring, manual defibrillation, AED, and pacer; Biphasic defibrillator-monitor suitable for hospitals and clinics use worldwide; Large and vivid display with 3 waveforms assures easy ECG and SPO2 viewing

BeneHeart D2

4-in-one design to meet the clinical requirement of manual defibrillation, automatic external defibrillation, and patient monitoring

BeneHeart D1

Powerful automated external defibrillator with bipahasic technology, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use design; 7-inch TFT display offers clear guidance with color animations; Auto-adjustable volume and screen brightness

Nasan Medical

Wando Basic

Biphasic, 7 inch display with ECG

Wando Simplified

Biphasic, 7 inch display with ECG, SpO2, & NIBP

Wando Full

Biphasic, 7-inch display with ECG, SpO2 & NIBP. 3 types of pacing

Nihon Kohden

Cardiolife TEC-5600 series

Compact biphasic defibrillators with acti-biphasic technology; 6-inch color backlit TFT display; Easy to use, fastest charging 4 seconds for 200 J; Self-test facility with ready to use indicator; Upgradeable to audio-visual advanced CPR feedback system; Mainstream CO2 for intubated and non-intubated patients; Meets standards for truck and helicopter ambulances

Cardiolife TEC-8300 series

Advanced defibrillator cum cardiac monitor with advanced monitoring featurs; Pre-hospital 12 lead data transmission; Fast charging; CPR noise supression pads; Mainstream CO2 for intubated and non-intubated patients; Suitable for extreme weather conditions; Meets standards for truck and helicopter ambulances

Cardiolife AED-3100K

Unique self-test function for main unit, battery, and pads; Easy-to-use, automatic power on when lid is opened; Continuous VF analysis during CPR; CPR noise suppression pads; Hindi voice prompts option

Cardiolife AED-2152K

AED with LCD display for operation guidance and CPR instructions; AED and semi-auto mode

Cardiolife TRN-3100K

AED training unit with same feature and design as of AED-3100; Remote control facility; Five different scenarios are available; Voice prompts in Hindi language option available; Easy-to-use and useful in CPR and AED training

CPR Assist 1100

Advanced audio-visual CPR feedback system ith LED indicator; Bluetooth enabled; Function as per AHA 2015 guidelines; Voice prompts available that helps resuscitor in performing efficient CPR

Philips Healthcare

HeartStart OnSite/HS1

Sasy to set-up and includes automatic life guidance features like voice prompts and CPR coaching to guide step-by-step through the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest

HeartStart FR3

Built to endure and designed for flexibility; Rechargeable battery; Reduces deployment time by eliminating steps and start the right therapy

HeartStart FRx

Clear, calm voice prompts, and rugged design; Easy to set-up and use; Ready to act, ready to go; Detailed defibrillation guidance

HeartStart XL+

Easy-to-use interface; Easy to carry and access accessories to save time; Active ready-for-use indicators; Universal defibrillation pads for adults and children

HeartStart MRx

Easy to use, fast to respond; Built to endure, designed to evolve; Rich clinical information, driving patient care

Schiller Healthcare


Monophasic defibrillator with auto-recording as well as auto-print option

Defigard 400

Biphasic defibrillator with AED, pacemaker, and internal defibrillation options. Monitoring of vital parameters like SPO2, ETCO2, NIBP, and 12-channel ECG as option

Defigard Touch7

Defibrillator with 7-inch HD touchscreen display, Touch’n save user interface. Available with many optional features like external pacemaker, 12 leads ECG, SPO2, SPCO, SPMET, NIBP, ETCO2, IBP, temperature, WIFI/GSM for remote data tranfer, Bluetooth, USB

Fred Easy PA-1

Portable PAED (public access external defibrillator) with an option of  large storage of 2 hours ECG and 500 events


Fred Easy

Light weight AED features the unique pulsed biphasic waveform Multipulse Biowave with patient impedance compensation. Auto-matic recognition of children pads and energy adaptation; Adapted voice and displayed instructions for first aid rescuers to-gether with a fast rhythm analysis and shock delivery guide the rescuer during the resuscitation process and minimise the hands-off time

Fred Easy Port

The incredibly small pocket defibril-lator with the effective and myocardium-saving energy emission, pulsed biphasic waveform Multipulse Biowave. SD card option available for data storage


Skan Revive

Bi-phasic defibrillator with synchronized cardioversion; 1-300 J in 19 steps, charges to 300 J in 8 sec, and 40 shocks at 300 J from fully charged battery; 6.5 inch color TFT LED display; Adult/pediatric paddles

CardiAid Pro

Designed to be the simplest AED for public use, making it possible to administer an electric shock with minimum delay to anyone suffering cardiac arrest

SkanRevive Plus

Current controlled biphasic waveform; AED mode with voice prompts; Internal defibrillation; Quick energy selection via rotary switch; More than 100 shocks at 300 joules

CardiAid Pro Plus

CardiAid Pro+ is a Semi automatic advanced professional bi phasic defibrillator that features Manual defibrillation, AED & External Transcutaneous pacing. Additionally monitoring ECG, NiBP, and SpO2; The deivce uses sophisticated control systems to precisely adjust the current and duration of defibrillation in response to variations in patient impedance for a better therapy outcome

Technocare Medisystems

BPL Defeb

<5S to charge to 360 J with battery; 100 charge/discharge with fully charged new battery; Event recording; Thermal printing

HP Biphasic Defebrilatore

Paddle ECG and patient cable ECG (I,II, and III standard leads)

Zoll Defeb

Rectilinear biphasic waveform with its lower energy and current provides superior efficacy while optimizing patient safety


Monophasic/biphasic; ECG monitoring; Auto AED with spo2

Trivitron Healthcare 


Semi-automatic external defibrillator; Simple and direct voice prompts; Indications for a straight-forward rescue operations; Lightweight, battery powered for maximum portability; Used to treat ventricular fibrillation and fast ventricular tachycardia

iJiva BIP

BTE (biphasic truncated exponential) discharge type waveform; Energy selection upto 230 J; ECG R-wave synchro mode or async mode; Alarm control for heart rate and SpO2; High-resolution thermal printer

iJiva AED

BTE (biphasic truncated exponential) discharge type waveform; Impedance compensated energy delivery; Energy selection up to 230 J; High resolution thermal printer; Storage capacity of 2 GB


Fluke Biomedical

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