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Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand

Brands Models Features
Allied Medical CARDIASAFE Biphasic defibrillator monitor; battery capacity of 70–100 shocks on single charge; compact and light weight; optional non-invasive pacing, SpO2, NIBP, AED, etCO2
Allied Medical (under Saver One) SVO-B0001 Saver one semi-automatic pad with 200 J (public access defibrillator)
BPL Medical Technologies Relife 900 Bi-phasic defibrillator with 7-inch color TFT screen. Optional enhancement: AED, NIBP, Masimo SpO2, either pacing or capnography (CO2)
RDF 2509 Monophasic defibrillator, 5.7-inch LCD screen
RELIFE 700 Bi-phasic defibrillator with 5.7-inch LCD screen. Optional enhancement: AED, Masimo SpO2, pacing, internal paddles. Synchronized cardioversion
DF 2628 Phoenix AED with Bi-phasic current limited waveform
Genuine MedicaGenuine Medica AED PRO Biphasic waceform; easy defibrillation; self-test; pacemaker detection; motion detector
Mindray BeneHeart D6 4-in-one design to meet the clinical requirement of manual defibrillation, automatic external defibrillation, patient monitoring, and pacing; facility to provide real time patient data from ambulance to hospital for rescue operation; large and vivid display with 4 waveforms to ensure easy viewing of ECG and vital signs; compact design, easy to carry, and easy to operate
BeneHeart D3 Compact 4-in-one integrated design, durable, and light weighted defibrillator which integrates monitoring, manual defibrillation, AED, and pacer; biphasic defibrillator-monitor suitable for hospitals and clinics use worldwide; large and vivid display with 3 waveforms assures easy ECG and SpO2 viewing
BeneHeart D2 4-in-one design to meet the clinical requirement of manual defibrillation, automatic external defibrillation, and patient monitoring
Nihon Kohden Cardiolife TEC-5600 series Compact biphasic defibrillators with acti-biphasic technology; 6-inch color backlit TFT display; easy to use, fastest charging 4 seconds for 200 J; self-test facility with ready to use indicator; upgradeable to audio-visual advanced CPR feedback system; mainstream CO2 for intubated and non-intubated patients; meets standards for truck and helicopter ambulances
Cardiolife TEC-8300 series Advanced defibrillator cum cardiac monitor with advanced monitoring featurs; pre-hospital 12 lead data transmission; fast charging; CPR noise supression pads; mainstream CO2 for intubated and non-intubated patients; Suitable for extreme weather conditions; meets standards for truck and helicopter ambulances
Cardiolife AED-3100K Unique self-test function for main unit, battery, and pads; easy-to-use, automatic power on when lid is opened; continuous VF analysis during CPR; CPR noise suppression pads; hindi voice prompts option
Philips Healthcare HeartStart OnSite/HS1 Sasy to set-up and includes automatic life guidance features like voice prompts and CPR coaching to guide step-by-step through the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest
HeartStart FR3 Built to endure and designed for flexibility; rechargeable battery; reduces deployment time by eliminating steps and start the right therapy
HeartStart FRx Clear, calm voice prompts, and rugged design; easy to set-up and use; ready to act, ready to go; detailed defibrillation guidance
Schiller Healthcare Defigard 400 Biphasic defibrillator with AED, pacemaker, and internal defibrillation options. Monitoring of vital parameters like SpO2, eTCO2, NIBP, and 12-channel ECG optional

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